DNA Testing Offer Ignored By Natural History Museum Of London


Through an email to a friend I got aware of the fact that a group of people, following the affirmation of Queen Nin Puabi in ancient Sumerian texts that state that she was a direct descendant of the Annunaki, asked the Natural History Museum in London to perform DNA testing of the queen’s remaining s which are being kept in the museum. After they got no response at all in spite of insisting several years, the cause is closed.

Even if the claim is being considered ridiculous, one has to wonder why the museum didn’t give way to such an investigation if the money was already there – either to show that scholars are right, concerning the Annunaki, or to have a spectacular result in scientific research.

This is the text of the email:

Expéditeur: andrea <andrea@innertraditions.com>
Date: 23 septembre 2013 21:00:18 UTC+2
Destinataire: XXX <xxx@gmail.com>
Objet: Update on “Demand the Evidence for Alien DNA” petition

Dear Supporter,

Thank you for signing Zecharia Sitchin’s petition to the Natural History Museum in London to allow DNA testing on the remains of Nin.Puabi — Sumerian queen and direct descendent of the Anunnaki from the planet Nibiru.

Zecharia Sitchin passed away on October 9, 2010. We, his publishers, continued to pursue his mission with this petition, but after three years the Museum has not responded. Thus, we are closing the effort.


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