JefTech Proposes Techniques For DNA Repair


DNA Repair


Jef Harvey – JefTech Research

In this article we will cover recent advances in science as we outline some of the greatest challenges to raising the consciousness and wellness of humanity as well as reversing deliberate and accidental DNA damage we are exposed to daily.

The challenge is our species was genetically manipulated eons ago ostensibly to advance our evolution many fold. If the records of the ancient past are accurate, we were far more advanced in past civilizations than we are today.

With genetically modified foods, estrogen mimicking additives, deliberate tainting of vaccines and personal care products, chronic disease is on the rise world wide. Many of the obstacles we face are due to ElectroMotive Force (EMF) pollution from sources including but not limited to radar, AM/FM broadcast towers, police, fire and military transmission equipment, cellular phone systems (proven to damage the human organism). The constant bombardment by EMF not only weakens the immune system, in an individual with an already compromised immune system (diabetics, etc.) the damage further deepens the disease state. These factors coupled with airborne pollutants in the millions of tons annually (documented by the EPA), water borne and food borne toxins from our poisoned food supplies and aquifers causes genetic defects in adults and newborn infants.

Several years ago I was using the principles of homotoxicology to treat  my patients with nutrient deficits and had great success. In those days I rarely came across a toxic infant unless they were vaccinated. Suddenly there was a very large increase in toxic infants that I could only attribute to a toxic womb. Shortly thereafter, I attended a health symposium where it was revealed that the child in the womb takes on up to 50% of the mothers toxin load from the amniotic fluid and the breast milk (the child MUST breast feed to get a good start in building an immune system).

The illustration you see above is the extracellular matrix (ECM) of the human body. This is where much of the toxin burden is stored that you are not able to excrete naturally. With a clean ECM and nutrient balanced interstitial fluids surrounding our cells, the vesicles inside the cells can bring the nutrients into the cells so they have the resources needed to function and keep the genetic status quo. When the ECM is clogged, disease quickly follows.

When you absorb toxins, a healthy body with healthy information fields excretes these toxins via several mechanisms (phase 1 and 2 liver processes among others). If the information fields are corrupted due to the many stressors detailed above, the matrix must store what is not excreted. Once the ECM reaches a certain toxic level, the intracellular membrane breaks down and advanced disease states manifest due to dedifferentiation/pleomorphism. High quality organic nutriture like  (a combined Spirulina and Asaxanthin organic tablet) coupled with advanced water technology provided by the QAW Stirwand used in concert with the Heel Detox Kit can be used to drain the toxin burden.

For our bodies to flourish, we need a peaceful environment, balanced emotions, clean air, clean and energized water, high quality nutrients and much more.The QAW Stirring device on our site uses a proprietary blend of minerals to stimulate electron donation in water to make water up to 32.4% more absorbable as proven in human clinical trials with FDA approved testing procedures.

The aquaporin channels of the cells are nano size tubes allowing millions of single water molecules (non-clustered) to hydrate the cell. Nobel prize winner Peter Agre is responsible for this discovery.

Increasing cellular voltage with electron donation technology to increase cellular hydration coupled with the scalar radionic hologram programmer solves the water problem, Read on to see how.

Emanating from and surrounding every cell and particle of matter in the universe is a field of information that provides the instructions/codes which direct matter as to how it is to function. If the data in this field becomes corrupted, it can now be restored using At JefTech we use the SE-5 1000 to modulate the information field of toxins and pathogens in soils, air, our bodies, food and water. This reduces or eliminates the impact of fracking and municipal treatments of water supplies. The codes/tunings/rates we use to correct or modulate information fields come from over 60 years of practitioners cataloging in rate books thousands of tuning rates for various fields (cell, organ, molecule, etc.) and comparing thousands of rate books for repeatable results. We ship the SE-5 1000 with approximately 17,000 codes. This type of scrutiny is why scalar based radionics (as opposed to orgonite) has garnered such widespread (US and Europe) acceptance and utilization in the hands of qualified doctors. With professional use of these devices, and careful lifestyle (as in gentle daily exercise) and food selection, we can now combat the DNA damage as well as boost the biofield of our bodies to make them resistant to these deficits,…especially the tremendous stress and inflammatory producing EMF soup we are immersed in every day and night.

Uses for radionic technology go far beyond food and water. In our work with pollutants, we modify the field of the substance to render it inactive. The material sciences are about to get an upgrade as we apply field changes to improve performance and modify how a field causes a substance to change its characteristics.

Balancing the fields for DNA, regulatory systems (like neurotransmitters, the endocrine system and thousands of other fields) now enables us to successfully deal with detrimental DNA manipulation from Monsanto, Dupont and the rest of their ilk.

See more at the JefTech website


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