Solar Activity is Very High – ‘Angry Sun’ Continues to Emit Solar Flares

It had already seemed that our Sun didn’t want to behave according to the cyclic solar maximum we’re in. But since a few days, there have been M flares every day, and several X flares.

The sun is currently in an active phase of its 11-year solar cycle.

In the months ahead, the Sun will reach its peak activity level accompanied by several intense M-class and C-class solar flares.

A number of sunspots, including 1875 and 1882 are trading shots today with moderate to strong solar flares. In addition to the X1.0 and M5.1 flares last night, Sunspot 1882 just produced M2.7 and M4.4 solar flares.

The event was also very noisy creating heavy bursts of noise across the VHF radio spectrum.

A Type II radio emission with a velocity of over 1600 km/s was detected. More updates to follow regarding a possible CME.

Read full article on Message To Eagle


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