The intersections that occur during an eclipse generate different harmonics of energy as they nurture the earth.

Consider the Flower of life in your attention for a moment.

It’s a very dynamic process, in which different attributes of the Flower of Light have the opportunity to impact the planet in a more specific way.

In a very short period of time, as the sun, the moon and the earth come in and out of alignment, there’s a “roll call of energies” of sorts, the whole energetic spectrum is engaged in an undulatory way in a very short amount of time.

It’s a serpent-like movement of the flow of energy from Father Sun, nurturing Mother Earth. And when the eclipse is over, you get the full radiance of the sun again.

This engages your energy in a most potent way, providing maximums and minimums, to MOVE your energy.

It is recommendable to prepare, if one wants to make the most of this events, which provide us with a kick-start every now and then.

Go light in your food intake – light, not necessarily fasting, give your body what it needs, that’s love of self 101- , maintain your emotional balance, be in or around bodies of water or enjoy a nice bath with intent…. all those things you know that are good for your soul.

Remember, this kind of events are gifts we set up for ourselves, but no amount of cosmic energy will do what you in your Sovereign intent decide not to.

It’s The Way of the Master to command all energies to their service ANY time.

Photo: “SunFlower” by Marco Antonio Gómez


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