Fukushima May Go On To ‘Infinity’: “It’ll Never Be Resolved”

The rapidly deteriorating situation at Fukushima is now being said ‘might go on forever’ according to this newly released report from ENENews. Further we are told in this report that Japan is failing miserably with their response to the Fukushima disaster and if the situation is allowed to continue along its current path, “it’ll NEVER be resolved…” “It’s going to go on almost to infinity I’m afraid.” With the fuel rod removal coming up in the next few days possibly threatening the evacuation of the entire West Coast of America, the most perilous portion of this ‘Fuked’ up journey may soon begin…

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is being told by his own party that Japan’s response is failing. Plant operator [Tepco] alone isn’t up to the task of managing the cleanup and decommissioning of the atomic station in Fukushima. That’s the view of Tadamori Oshima, head of a task force in charge of Fukushima’s recovery and former vice president of Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party. […] [There’s] a growing recognition that the government needs to take charge at the Fukushima station […] “If we allow the situation to continue, it’ll never be resolved” [said Sumio Mabuchi, a government point man on crisis in 2011].

Prue Bentley, host: How long do you think they have to undertake these measures [at Unit 4]?
Richard Broinowski, adjunct professor at University of Sydney, Australia’s former ambassador to South Korea, Mexico and several other countries: It’s not a matter of how long. There’s no length involved in this particular accident. It’s going to go on almost to infinity I’m afraid. It’s a matter of getting [the fuel rods] out in the safest way possible. And while they remain there in this perilously unsafe and unstable cooling pool, there’s always the danger of an earthquake knocking the thing over […] so the sooner they do it the better. But there’s no sort of deadline, it’s just a matter of trying to keep your fingers crossed, and have them taken out and somehow brought to earth and contained somewhere before another disaster strikes.
Read full article at Before Its News

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