How to Heal Cavities Naturally


Update: Researchers have possibly found a possibility to regrow teeth. For more information click here

The world is slowly waking up to the fact that, when you give the body what it needs, it can heal things we previously thought were impossible. A fine example of what is often deemed as an incurable health problem is dental cavities, but extensive research is now becoming more public about the true nature of tooth decay and the fact that there are proven remedies that can remedy it.

The lies perpetrated about tooth decay

According to the American Dental Association, the reason we have tooth decay is as follows:

“[Tooth decay] occurs when foods containing carbohydrates (sugars and starches) such as milk, pop, raisins, cakes or candy are frequently left on the teeth. Bacteria that live in the mouth thrive on these foods, producing acids as a result. Over a period of time, these acids destroy tooth enamel, resulting in tooth decay.”

There are a few problems with this theory, including:

  • Groups of indigenous people who had fermentable carbohydrates stuck on their teeth all the time that did not brush or floss were mostly or completely free of tooth decay.
  • Bacteria do not consume processed sugar or flour because of the lack of nutrients in them.
  • Foods that bacteria like to eat, such as milk, vegetables, meat, fish and fruit, are not commonly implicated in causes of tooth decay.

So if the modern explanation of tooth decay is not accurate, what is actually the cause of tooth decay?

What actually causes tooth decay

Tooth decay, as researched by Dr. Weston Price and other dental pioneers, boiled down to three factors:

  • Not enough minerals in the diet.
  • Not enough fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) in the diet.
  • Nutrients not being readily bioavailable, and your intestinal system not properly absorbing them.The presence of phytic acid largely influences this factor.

Over a period of time, if your diet lacks vitamins and minerals from a poor diet and/or contains high levels of phytates (from grains, seeds, nuts, and legumes), the blood chemistry and the ratio of calcium and phosphorous become out of balance, which results in minerals being pulled from bones, causing tooth and bone loss.

So, the long-standing belief that sugar causes tooth decay is true, but as a result of it depleting nutrients from the body, not because bacteria eat it and produce acid that ruins your teeth.

The food remedies that can heal cavities and tooth decay

In order to restore the ratio of calcium and phosphorus in our blood, and to enable minerals to bond to our teeth, it is not enough to just avoid eating too many sweet or processed foods. We must also eat health-building foods, containing copious amounts of minerals and vitamins that will build a glassy hard tooth structure.

Foods to focus on are:

  • Coconut oil, grass-fed organic dairy (especially butter), grass-fed meats, seafood and bone broths.
  • Organic cooked vegetables (soups with bone broth are ideal).
  • Organ and gland meats, like liver.

Limit foods that are high in phytic acid, like grains, beans, nuts and seeds, as well as limiting processed food intake full of processed flours and sugars that upset blood sugar balance.

Supplements to consider are:

  • Fermented cod liver oil – very high in fat soluble vitamins A, D and K.
  • Magnesium – required to use calcium and phosphorous effectively.
  • Gelatin – if you don’t have time to make bone broth, this is a good alternative and is great for gums and digestion.

Now go get your pearly white smile back.

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98 comments on “How to Heal Cavities Naturally

  1. This is false. I personally work in the dental field and cavities are NOT reversible. The only way to “heal” a cavity is to go to your dentist and have the decay removed and filled. Also if you do not have dental insurance there are plenty of office that offer sliding scales , in house credit, and other financing options . If cavities are not taken care of the only get bigger.

      • Working in a dentist office does not make you an authority on tooth health. You only have learned how to fill them, kill the nerve to stop pain. Our teeth are like bones our bones heal! Why not teeth! Think about it! Many doctors don’t even learn how to cure they only cover symptons with bandaids.

    • Simply because you work in the dental field does not give credibility to anything you’ve just stated. If you were educated, or knowledgeable, rather than simply indoctrinated and brainwashed, you’d have read through the work of Dr. Price (who was the head of the American Dental Association in the 1930s). There is actually a great deal of evidence indicating teeth can re-mineralize given an abundance of proper nutrients, and there exist vast groups of people, who have no access to dentists–who in fact have perfect teeth; with no evidence of cavities, or gum disease, or need of orthodontic intervention. American dentistry (and their propaganda) exists as a money making paradigm, and business model, to ensure any average Joe can hop into Dental School, and make a good living misinforming, and misdiagnosing people who are subsisting off of what amounts to human puppy chow. The medical community as a whole stands to profit abundantly from the belief that nutrient deficiency does not cause physical degradation–it’s all just trick of genetics—and completely out of your control; so you should let the “professionals” handle it.

      • Amen! The medical community is not about health and well-being. It’s about creating a narrative of hopelessness and powerlessness in regards to our own agency, to ensure that they can remain the authors of our life experience (at least where our dental health is concerned). I’m always hopeful when I still replies like this one.

      • Yes of course teeth can be re-mineralized, but there is a point of no return when enamel becomes so deficient in “nutrients”–inorganic hydroxyapatite coupled to ion of FLUORIDE, calcium, etc–that it becomes cavitated. Once the enamel has reached the point of frank cavitation–not just de mineralized or incipient lesion formation–there is no physiologic mechanism for enamel to regenerate itself. Yes, dental tissue and material scientists in Japan (along with the United States and other counties) are exploring stem cell-based models for enamel regeneration…for now, you can’t naturally heal cavities. You just canNOT.

      • Dr Price was also an avid supporter of removing tonsils just like people remove wisdom teeth today. Modern science has proven that the tonsils help fight infection so it is no longer a reccommended proceedure. So as far as his credentials, i wouldnt exactly put all my faith in him. Plus, have you seen the article he published on that? He didnt do a quantative analysis of the “savage” diet at all, he just wanted so badly for his theory to be right, he didnt even bother to consider there could be other reasons besides nutrition for the lack of tooth decay. His results were inconclusive and controversial. What we need is a third party MODERN study on this subject. And PS he did say that tooth decay can happen even if you have proper nutrition, and he reccommended pulling the entire tooth when that happens….. So good luck with that. ūüôā

      • Weston Price was not the head of the ADA. He founded a research institute that became a part of the ADA later. His studies have been widely criticized as having poor methods and not being reliable.

        Where is your evidence for these groups of people with no access to dental care and perfect teeth? There has been paleontological evidence found of tooth decay in ancient humans even and their attempts to drill it out. These people ate nothing processed and STILL got tooth decay.

        If you think the “average Joe” can hop into dental school, make a lot of money and live it up you are so incredibly wrong. I am in dental school and we work our asses off learning and studying. I have class from 8 am to 5 pm M-F and then study until 11 pm or midnight every night just to go to bed and do it all over again. It is harder to get into dental school than medical school and far more competitive. Yes, eating healthy will cause you to get less tooth decay, but that doesn’t mean it will heal it. Once the cells in your body that make your tooth enamel are done making it, they are gone. They can’t make more. When enamel is only very slightly decayed it can be remineralized, and dentists are not taught to drill and fill those spots, but to put a fluoride varnish to encourage remineralization.

      • I agree with history and evidence. The blogger needs to fetch the past through studies of history and not on what man (the present offers her.) The impossible is only possible to those that impart the work of faith and naturalism of what our bodies require to heal thy self. The fill is a temporary mix of what the natural food and nutrients will do.

      • @Sigh, I can understand that you have frustration, but perhaps calling someone “brainwashed” and “uneducated” is a bit over the top. I agree that there are crooks out there who are only interested in your money, but that doesn’t apply to all dentists. PS. Those teeth in this article, yikes!! That would be MIGHTY painful. If I had a hole that size, I’d definitely be calling a doc. The tricky part is finding a decent one. Remember, you don’t have to brush all of your teeth, just the ones you want to keep!

      • Teeth can remineralize but they cannot regenerate lost enamel. So if you have a hole from tooth decay the decay (or cavity) can be halted and not progress further but cannot regenerate tooth structure. You will always have a hole which will be hard to keep clean and therefore will likely develop decay again at some point. And yes there are cultures that do not have the bacteria that causes tooth decay present in their saliva. They loose teeth due to periodontal disease instead of decay. A healthy diet is a huge factor in good oral health, but so is genetics and saliva quality. Find a health professional that you can trust. Not every one is a crook or brain washed.

      • What does orthodontics have to do with this whole theme? I never knew orthodontics was used in the prevention of tooth decay. I just thought it was to straighten teeth and give you a functional bite.

      • Yes, enamel can be remineralized. Fluoride, coconut oil, a healthy diet, etc definitely helps the remineralization process. But once the acid (which is what causes a cavity) eats its way through the enamel in to the dentin there is no reversing it and a filling is needed.This type of article can be misleading and potentially cause a person harm in the future if decay is left in the tooth……long story short, as long as incipient decay/demineralization is present and stays in the enamel then yes, it can be reversed. But it is absolutely impossible to “heal” tooth decay (a cavity). Definitely do your research before giving this type of information to the public. It is very misleading and can cause harm. Not to mention, if left untreated, that $200 filling could turn in to a $2000 root canal and crown.

      • I believe what you are saying is correct. Thank-you. Education in learning and finding out truths in what people have been brain washed to over the years.

    • I agree withyou. This is article is filed with holes, literally! I have held my Registered Dental License with California since 1997 there is more to decay. First off let’s just start cleaning our teeth everyday. It’s not that hard 2 -3 times a day and floods every 24 – 36 hours. Prevention is the cure for cavities and is most cost effective then decay. When decay is present in your mouth you are more likely to have other health problems.

    • Lol you were educated by the books of the medical system… How would you know if this is true or not? You wouldn’t. Did you even read the first paragraph?

      • We know things are true or not by looking at the research and evaluating the research. Not all studies are lid, they may have used faulty methods or a limited amount of time etc. For a study on cavities to be viable, a minimum of three years long is needed. Natural medicine has its place but don’t be so down on your doctors and dentists! If you have an accident and need surgery I think you would go to the doctors for treatment instead of trying to heal you internal bleeding at home, or at least I hope you would. You need to have an open relationship with your healthcare providers and be educated yourself by looking at reliable and current studies, which means you don’t just read them you researched the studies and methods as well. A healthy diet can go a long way in preventing cavities or other health problems as well. The most “natural” thing to do is to prevent cavities in the first place with a healthy diet, thorough brushing and cleaning between your teeth on a daily basis. Very natural and cheap.

    • I agree, you can’t reverse the cavity. You can’t magically make the tooth grow back the way it was (you can, but that’s a different story) before the cavity decayed the tooth, but you can stop the cavity & rid your tooth of that cavity. This is a definite fact. There are procedures to do this, because I’ve done it. Obviously it’s not done by a dentist either, you all would be out of business from what I know.

    • Do you know who Dr. Weston Price was and the hands on research he did???? No, you obviously don’t by your brainwashed response “this is false, because I personally work in the dental field…….” ??? Lol!!!! He was a dentist and one who cared for people and the realities of disease and cure. Your cure (and every dentist is to drill out decay & not just the decay but healthy parts of the tooth – just to be sure all, and I mean all …the bacteria is removed, which now leads to a crown. Forget a filling). because that is what you’ve been taught. But here’s truth. You are wrong – this is NOT FALSE. Proven, Dr Weston Price – a great man who did the research and work. Do a little research on this man, and his findings.

    • You can heal cavities. My friend got rid of her son’s using concert root. Doctor’s aren’t trained as well in nutrition so it’s not surprising that you think this is wrong.

    • Wrong-ah! Do more research there are several mouthwash mixes that kill decay bacteria and clean out cavities as well as regenerate new enamel. Get better “read” then sound off.

    • I beg to differ.. your options sound great and even promising, when read. .. But the cold hard truth of it is what happens to real people in the real world adverb they need something done to a tooth..WHO CAN AFFORD IT? Not to mention what FLUORIDE REALLY IS AND WHAT IT REALLY DOES TO’s kinda hard to believe anything from a dentist after finding out the truth.

    • Sorry but you are wrong. My daughter and I have both healed our teeth doing this.
      We have friends and fam that have seen before and after as proof.

  2. ^ so you are saying that teeth have nothing to do with nutrients….. Ok, lets dig out the cavities and fill them with mercury that slowly leeches out over time, and make sure you use that fluoride toothpaste!

      • Yes it is. I had to beg them not to put it in my daughters mouth. They acted like it was an inconvenience, but eventually used the white stuff. And since then I HAVE healed my younger daughter’s cavities. It can totally be done. Open your minds and think for yourself. Just because that’s the way it’s always been done doesn’t mean there aren’t better ways. Go ahead and trust the establishment while the rest of us are getting healthy naturally. That’s your choice and mine.

      • All silver filling contain small amounts of mercury, not as much as they once did in the past but still do! Dentists in California are required to post in every room that “amalgam fillings contain mercury, know to the state to cause cancer”.

  3. actually the japanese have a treatment with stem cells that grows the enamel back now. Of course, not available here because dentists would be out of a job.

  4. Clearly the author and the readers are the one’s who are uneducated.
    The reason why aboriginals had relatively good dental health was because of the high levels of nutrients in their diet that the white man replaced with thinks like: milk, flour, potatoes, and other more carbohydrate and sugar based foods. Rendering your argument moot.

    Secondly, quoting a doctor who was head of the American dental association in the 1930s is an outdated source and can therefore not be applied to modern advancements.

    Third, to another commentator who claimed that filings are done with Mercury….. Are you from Mercury? Because down here on earth that element isn’t used in dental care anymore.

    The people who believe this crap are a bunch of homeopath nut jobs who have absolutely no expertise in these matters.

    Read a book for gods sake and educate yourselves.

    • It’s not used anymore. Good that someone figured that out. Someone thought it was a good idea to fill my mouth up with “silver ” fillings and that was considered good dental practice. I now have Mercury in my system. All options to remove it and the fillings are incredibly expensive. I have had poor health for 25 years with symptoms of mercury poisoning. Limited ability to make a living much less get this crap out of my mouth. Thank you “modern medicine”. What is believed today as good science can change so we will see how today’s knowledge stands the test of time.

      • Have you tried Bentonite Clay to your treatment to try and remove the Mercury from your System? That is one one Natural Method of removing Toxins from your Body.

    • Just because the doctor was from the 1930’s won’t make him incorrect or non knowledgeable about modern medicine. The truth is that industries hold back human evolution when it comes to medicine, & science. Climate change was predicted & had a solution in the late 1800’s by Nikola Tesla but no one knows this. Just like no one knows he created a weather device that can reverse dangerous weather conditions like climate change. The same device that governments around the world use as a tool of warfare & not to correct climate change, but worsen it by causing earthquakes (Haiti ’10, Japan ’11 by the HAARP Weather Altering Machine, NASA confirmed this). There is modern procedures that can regrow your decayed teeth as if you were a young child getting rid of your baby teeth & filling them with adult ones. Ask me how I know this! Obviously this will never be made public for the practice of dentistry because that profession makes money using ancient methods to fix teeth akin to the Republican Party of the U.S.A. still drilling for fossil fuels as if we haven’t already discovered a better fuel solution.

    • Whaaaaaat? My my, so your saying that anyone who leans toward natural methods ( organic) to heal the human body ( also organic) is most assuredly a bunch of “HOMEOPATH NUT JOBS THAT NEED TO READ MORE”?

  5. To all you idiots who think you know what you’re talking: i talked to my dentist who happens to be an honest decent person, and yes you can remineralize your teeth! He has seen it done with fluoride. Also my mother had a horrible tooth ache for quite while and began taking trace minerals for something entirely different and guess what? Yup that’s right! No more toothache! And she didn’t even change her diet. Just added trace minerals.

    • I too was told by my dentist that teeth can absolutely remineralize and that my tooth could heal itself of the cavity I had gotten. He reminded me to floss regularly and include nutrient dense food in my diet and within months my cavity was gone.

      I think it’s probably easier for some to just get their cavities filled than it may be to change their habits, so I understand why dentists might not always offer the suggestion to some patients. I tend to be motivated to find alternative options to treat medical/dental issues, but not everyone is of the same mindset, so I don’t think dentists will be out of work anytime soon.

      • The teeth can remineralize if you do start taking better care if your teeth, have a good diet and if the decay hasn’t penetrated through the enamel (incipient decay) into the dentin. However, once it is in the dentin I am highly doubtful that the tooth can be “healed ” with these homeopathic treatments , but knock yourself out trying…might end up needing a root canal treatment…good luck on that

  6. I find this topic very interesting. I am a physician (MD not dentist) and I can attest to the inherent flaw in the medical community of believing we really understand the human body. Yes we know what we have been taught, but I would never assume that all I think I know is the full spectrum of the human body and what it can really do. Any conventionally trained dentist or physician has MINIMAL IF NO training in regards to nutrition and how it affects the human body. Culturally, my family comes from a place with a diet markedly different to the traditional American diet. Many well-known American disease and cancers simply don’t exist there. You are dealing with a country that has no will to protect the diets of it’s citizens. Take GMO’s…so many developed countries will NOT allow these foods into their countries. The US government however says they are safe. Why? Because data from companies that MAKE GMO’s claims they are safe. The point is…conventional medicines/medical communities…are NOT without their own serious flaws…some guided by money even. So, dear colleagues, if you wish to debunk this alternative medicine as hocus-pocus…please come with substantiative data yourselves.

    • Countries that claim they don’t have those diseases or cancers there often simply don’t have the medical knowledge or equipment to identify the diseases and cancers.

      • Seriously? That’s your argument? OMG… I guess Europe are still living in the middle ages…

    • I wish you were my doctor. Open minds are rare out there. I’ve just spent 5 years with a vitD level hovering at 6. Despite prescription D, being told to take 10,000 UI a day I’ve had poor results. (Once I jumped up to 20)

      Recently I did a GI cleanse formulated by DoTerra (mostly known for essential oils) and then continued taking their supplements. 2 months later I’m at a 38, and I’m convinced it’s going to continue to rise. My B12 is also going up. I was not absorbing the vitamins or getting subpar vitamins, probably both.

      Nutrition REALLY needs to be taught in depth in medical school. We’ve been brainwashed to seek pharmaceutical help when ever there is a problem. I believe there would be less problems if we were informed about nutrition. I also think powerful drug companies would make less profits, so I don’t look for any changes any time soon.

    • I agree! The medical profession is burdened by the same traps the government straps on science. Advancements can’t be made because politics ties it’s financial grips on the market they’re making the most money on. Therefore any futuristic modern ways to heal won’t be revealed to the public. It’s what took so long for hybrid & electric cars to become the now thing. Obama said I’m moving away from ancient fossil fuels & I’m using modern technology (a technology that was discovered by Nikola Tesla in the late 1800’s but held back because of the government’s use of coal & crude oil). Medicine falls victim to the same problems.

    • Dr. welp (what can you say), Thank you! it is nice to know that someone comes with objective thoughts on the matter, and not discounting it. i am looking into this and will test a back tooth on all that I can do before going to the dentist. My husband has health issues and it seems instead of the doctors demanding a responsible way to eating heathy they just give the pills.
      I know they can’t hold peoples hands and its up to them to care about their own bodies. It is a shame that they dont first give them what their body needs, or study to find out what is missing before pills, or at least along with pills that they could prescribed minerals and vitiamans and a plan for them to eat what they need to become healthy. Some offer nutritionalist but dont back it up. Also im sure it depends on the doctor. i have had many great responses from herbs and essential oils, coconut oil. for my health. So again thanks for not getting up tight when people decide to explore other ways for getting results besides the medical field. I do believe they have a place for sure. Also- I did try a coconut oil pull and my tooth ache is gone. So it leaves me to believe there is a possibility there is truth to remineralizing teeth, the problem will be if a person takes the time, money and right nutrition to do all it takes to heal. Thanks again

      • Thank you ,Thank you , Marilyn ! Because i have being using Oil Pull and my tooth ache is gone . And now i m doing a Ecodent – Anti Bacterial – Fondus etc…
        Here the recipe : 5 Table spoon Calcium Powder
        2 Tsp Backing Soda
        3 Tsp Xylitol Powder
        5 Tsp Coconut Oil
        And one drop or 2 of Orange Oil Or Peppermint-oil Depending of your test .
        I have being using it now 6 Months and my ( BLACK CAVITIES 3 of them) is now WHITE ! Not plaining on going to the DENTIST Because i have no money or BUGET for it !
        Thank you

    • Bravo Kind Sir or Madam! Thankfully those of us who seek to find help with our health can find a few good men and women who will attest and admit to your statements. Practitioners such as yourself seek to find more and better information in order to help their patients. It most likely will continue to be a long haul before all is known about the human body, if it EVER will all be known. Then add to that the diversity in how each and every one of us lives, what we eat, our genetics, living environment, etc. It is complex to say the least! All I can say is that my health was severely compromised for any number of reasons in spite of my trying since my 30s to eat right, exercise and stay healthy based on “modern medicine”. Thanks to a great team of Doctors who practice functional medicine, they have helped ME to listen to my body and learn. Nutrition and genetics are the cornerstone of their practices. I am not completely well, but have recovered 90% (over almost three years) and will strive to continue to improve. I made these strides using ONLY NUTRITION and the “cleanest” food I can afford. I am 59 and take no medication whatsoever. I do take a multi vitamin and a few nutritional supplements (under guidance and care with testing), but use foods and spices as anti-inflammatories. With regard to tooth healing, I have 6 “old” mercury laden fillings (put in when I was in my late teens and twenties) and one crown. I don’t think these metals in my body helped me, that is for sure, especially when so many other bodily protectors (such as glutathione) were not functioning well. When my health was very poor, my teeth were chipping badly, my gums bled with every flossing or brushing and were sore (I have always been a stickler about my dental care), and my enamel had been worn away at the gum line on several of my lower molars by excess stomach acid and GERD. With good nutrition my gums are now great and tight and very seldom bleed, my teeth have stopped chipping and are whiter and I am hoping that when I have my bone density scan done this fall it will confirm that my “mild osteopenia” has not progressed. Based on my teeth, I am hopeful that bone density is improving. There are lots of studies of reversing bone density loss in post menopausal women with such simple things as the proper balance of essential fatty acids among others …. why not tooth regeneration? Personally I am hopeful that this is possible. Something to shoot for! And by the way, when I added healthy fats back into my diet (I was the queen of fat free for years… as there is stroke and diabetes in my family), my HDL hit 99 this year, LDL is 106, triglycerides are 55. Cholesterol in great ratio, with LDL being the “non harmful” kind. When my cholesterol was total 156 I felt like crap and I was sick, sick, sick. So this new way of eating, which is really just an old way of healthy eating is working for ME. Your mileage may vary. We are all different, yet similar. Find a good doctor and dentist to help you…. they are out there!

  7. I work at a health food/nutrition store and have talked with people who healed their cavities with trace mineral drops. Swishing it every night! I myself have seen oral health improvement by doing the same. It helps tooth aches as well.

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  9. Why didn’t you say “organic” at the beginning of this, so I would have known you are a anti-technology nut case, and saved myself the time spent reading this bullspit.

  10. i think you should all check the ingredients on your regular toothpaste, its of no suprise that it contains sorbitol, yours may have another type of artificial sweetner? i had some sensitivity so my dentist recommended rubbing a senstivity toothpate on the area and leave. it was ok at first then after applying the next day it was agony! The toothpaste was sweet tasting so I read the ingredients, to be honest I was shocked to see artificial sweeteners. And yes they are worst than sugar, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    • What exactly do you think happens when someone breaks a bone? The body heals around it, set by a doctor or not. Provided with ample nutrients I can’t see why teeth wouldn’t be similar. You’d need the decay fixed first, but that’s probably too dissimilar to any other infection. Some your body can deal with alone, some you need medication.

  11. I wonder if the people that put this stuff online actually believe it. As a dentist I support this article completely. I disagree with everything it says, but the more people that believe this crap, the more root canals I get to do… Go get back your pearly whites! I’ll see you in a year or two…

    • It is people like you that are distroyin many people, good people like myself, taking their money and LOTS of it! You don’t care about their pain! but in the end you’ll get back all the pain you have caused others.The one true God will make sure of that!

  12. If you think technology is always spot on and you would rather eat GMO food filled with cancer-causing pesticides than organic food, grown in healthy soil, I must assume your brain has already been affected by your poor diet. Time will prove that the only cure for cancer is your own immune system and chemotherapy will come to be regarded as nothing better than leeching. (Actually leeching will be shown to be more effective at what it does than what chemo and radiation supposedly accomplish with cancer). I will stick to the technology of alternative doctors who actually study the effects of nutrition on our health and seem to realise that it is nutrition that heals what ails us. Filling the body with toxins and man-made drugs will certainly mean that you should not waste any time doing anything you don’t want to, as you are certain to not have that much time to “waste”.

    • There is actually no proof that GMO foods cause cancer or long term health effects. They have also found that the pesticides on commercial crops are often found on organic crops as well. I think what you are referring to as a pesticide filled crop is BT corn? Because the “pesticide” is actually a protein found in bacteria that cannot effect people in anyway. It is highly specific to insect species. Just so you know, you can look up a lot of good scientific literature about these topics.

  13. Que mamada (mamadeishon en inglés) this is bullshit u must have had those nutrients when ur tooth are devolping not when u alteady got it decay

  14. False. I have been in the dental field over 20 years. A “cavity” is DECAYED tooth. This may help prevent future cavities, but can not HEAL it.

  15. How DARE people that have actually gone to school and studied for many long, hard hours on a subject even THINK that the knowledge they have learned can even begin to compare to old wives tales, assumptions and things haphazardly gleaned from conspiracy sites! How DARE you dental professionals counter the unprovable and anecdotal evidence presented here! EVERYONE knows that the alien lizard overlords are putting fluoride in our chemtrails – why else would they be covering up 9/11? Damn you dentists and your real-world knowledge and experience!

  16. Dr. Price also said that decay, rot and disease must be removed before mineralisation can occur. I’m all for natural remedies, but it’s misinformation that puts people off

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  19. Your body will pull needed minerals stored in your long bones not your teeth. The cells in your teeth cannot regrow bone like other parts of the skeletal. Idc if you disagree with me. Its a fact and biology. If your teeth have holes like those above you haven’t taken care of them for so long using simple brush and floss daily why would you bother doing this

  20. Please remove this and leave educating to the dental professionals who worked hard, long hours in school to earn a degree in this. Ignorance only breeds ignorance.

  21. Around 1985, I was on holiday in Bali. Went on a mountain tour, met a local family who’s father at 70 years of age (looked around 40 years young), was on his “third” set of teeth!. This made me wonder if its possible to grow new teeth?.

  22. So this claims to HEAL decay? I have been a hygienist over 23 years and in dentistry for over 27. Decay is caused by bacteria that may can be killed however the photos are not decayed. If that’s what it’s supposed to look like after its healed …. Who is going to fill in all those holes? Or that fracture in one tooth.
    Oh yeah. You’re going to need a dentist. DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ON THE INTERNET!

  23. I am as skeptical as the next, but a couple weeks ago i had a bad toothache! I went to get an x ray at an oral surgeon for an implant! The x-ray showed a dark spot and the surgeon pointed it out saying, “you need to get that cavity looked at!” So i had heard of the possibility of reversing a cavity by “pulling” with coconut oil! So i started pulling for 15 minutes a day. I went to my dentist on friday to get it pulled and he said there wasn’t a cavity…no dark spot on x ray. I was in shock! I told him about how i was pulling and he said that it could help some cavities but wasn’t a cure all! I was shocked that the cavity was gone and no more tooth pain and even more shockef that he admited it could help some…

  24. I find it interesting that we used to get our mercury in our teeth and now children receive it in their vaccinations. Why are they so determined to add mercury in one way or another to our bodies?

  25. Interesting, everyone has a staunch opinion about this subject but only a few relate actual results by their own experience. I’ll tell you my story. Years ago, right after high school, I had braces on (upper AND lower teeth). After the mandatory 2 years, I had the custom palate for several months. Long story short (I know, but I had to explain the backstory first) it was tightly fitted after a visit with my ortho Doctor. When I got home, I had to yank it out to try to manually adjust it but it peeled some enamel off one of my front teeth. It looked like a white stain. Not a pretty sight! Had it for a few years (5 or 6 more or less) when suddenly noticed I was gone!!! Total surprise for me since I too believed tooth enamel lost would be lost forever — NOT SO! I am not a dentist nor in the medical field, research, whatever. I am just a simple folk person who ACTUALLY EXPERIENCED regaining tooth enamel. It will take time I know, but nature is amazing. Just give it what it needs and it will do the the rest. I am healthy, take supplements and have good eating habits but I can’t vouch for the removal of cavities. I do know, that for the longest time I have no cavities – hoping to keep it that way. People, just look at it objectively and at least try the suggestions for yourselves before speaking your opinions as facts.

  26. Its too bad when people don’t understand the science behind things. S. Mutans is the only bacteria that causes decay. Without it, you will not develop decay. The bacteria eat the carbohydrate and the bi-product is acid and plaque. The acid breaks down the enamel. Simple. Once it penetrates into the dentin, you cannot reverse it. Simple.
    Dr. TV

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  29. The younger you are, the faster, and more likely your body can regenerate what was once thought to be impossible things…. Don’t poo poo this article too fast if you haven’t attempted to try any of it with full effort. Its a well known fact that just a small piece of a liver can regenerate and regrow more of that liver back again… but only IF you treat it right, by removing all culprits it doesn’t need, and adding building blocks of regenerative herbal items and cell prompting glandulars it does need… giving the failed part the proper powerhouse herbs vitamins & minerals, in proper amounts so grow on…your body has the genetic blueprints still, & it CAN do crazy-amazing things, but you must do ALL the required steps deliberately, without fail, and over an individualized period of time…there’s no quick fixes. Also… its VERY important that if you are trying to regenerate teeth… you MUST completely back off of the the acid forming foods/drinks listed that degenerated the teeth to begin with while doing this rebuild. If you teeter-totter…doing everything right one day, but not consistently sticking with it over a period of time… the regeneration will fail, and fail quickly. I’ve actually done this… regrowing parts of teeth… I have photographed it with a specialized camera… because I couldn’t believe my own eyes… I watched, as actual little peaks of tooth regeneration started poking up in the center of the decayed area … like little stalagmites on the bottom tooth growing up into little points that grew bigger, and whiter everyday, as I did the right steps… I was SHOCKED that the tooth actually WAS repairing and doing something I’d never seen before… it was rebuilding the dissolved missing part of the tooth. The black parts got lighter… sort of tan… then light beige… and the little points on the tooth (a molar) started growing taller and wider everyday, filling in & rebuilding the missing part again… I was WOWING at this process & I did take photos…. UNTIL… I messed up & got sidetracked from this FOCUSED effort, and I let the little routine get put on hold… not keeping strict attention, like I should have, to keep that delicate little regrowth on the tooth safe & protected, & keeping it away from sugars & acid forming foods DURING its rebuilding phase for the tooth… and then BOOM… after I slacked off a few days, it all turned black again… I found out, you can NOT yo-yo at all!!!!! If you decide to try to regenerate something in your body… persistence, and consistency & purity of doing all steps, with all proper re-building block elements that are necessary for paving the way for any extreme regeneration like this, well, its key to the synergism it takes to do a tooth regeneration… but based on what I experienced in my HALF- COMMITTED effort, I DO know that tooth regeneration can be done to a certain degree… its just hard to stay on top of it sometimes, until you’ve reached the full final completely protective mature enameled result. Unless you are very disciplined and committed to the goal to stay on top of it until its FULLY regenerated… most people cant stay that disciplined, for the amount of time they need to complete the regeneration process. But I’ve seen something amazing happen in tooth regeneration that seemed utterly impossible… so I think you might try to keep an open mind about this idea, and the possibilities…

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  31. Interesting discussion. I would like to add to it. I would suggest wheat grass pulling. 1/8 tsp in 4 oz, water. Swish for five minutes. Just buy the sample wheat grass packets for .99. Last a long time. Can domit once or twice a day after eating. My holistic dentist also recommends gargling with a iodine water to reduce plaque adherence. Purchase small bottle of Lugols solution iodine from health food store. Add one or two drops to small cup of h2o. Swish and gargle twice a day.

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  33. so in this article the author says to limit the ammount of nuts and seeds we consume … but in other articles I found about our ancestors eating a lot nuts and seeds apart from meat and veggies and they had no cavity problems … so which one is true now ? I find so many contradictory information when it comes to teeth care it’s just frustrating . ….

    What about glicerin or alcohol in the mouthwash and glicerin in the toothpaste ? are they really harmful … I dont want another dentist to come here and explain to me how they learned it school … I don’t buy that crap . I want proof from experiments and objective minded people … not brainwashed… so far I find contradictory information… one article says fluor is bad for you … other one says its good .. etc

  34. What the heck!? So how would vegans heal their teeth??? I can’t have meats, dairy or bone broths because they make me sick. I have no choice but to be vegan. So how would a vegan person heal their teeth??

      • I’ve heard about that too. But they are only testing on animals. They aren’t guarantee with peoples just yet. If stem cell can save lives they would be able to save all the peoples that are still fighting for cancer, heart diseases, and other unknown ailments and etc.

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