Seven Volcanoes In Six Different Countries All Start Erupting Within A Few Hours Of Each Other

Something is moving.

After a few weeks ago a new island appeared off the coast of Pakistan after an earthquake, there’s now a new island in the Pacific after a submarine volcano eruption off Nishino-Shima Island in Japan. It is the first eruption after 40 years. The eruption was noticed by the Japanese Navy when boiling lava went into the sea water and provoked plumes of steam and ash.

But this was only the first of a chain of volcano events around the globe which occurred one after the other within a few hours.

The Colima volcano in Mexico, almost 7000 miles away from Japan, erupted for the first time after a long period of relative calm, blowing a steam and ash cloud two miles up into the sky. The grumbling of the mountain was heard in towns that were miles away.

A smaller ash cloud was provoked by the following eruption of the Fire Mountain in Guatemala. The ash fell over nearby towns, and the explosions and shock waves of the event were felt until towns over 6 miles away.

The Yasur volcano in Vanuato has given only small explosions so far, but the farmers complain that the continuous ash falling on the nearby land might give damage to the farming soil.

A massive eruption has occurred from Mount Etna, in Sicily in Italy. The current eruption has been going on for days and is getting stronger as time moves on. Flights had to be canceled because of high ash clouds. The town of Zafferana at the foothills of the Etna has experienced some damage, and the lava flow is the biggest in years. Many people left their houses in panic.

The next volcano to erupt was Mount Sinabung the high ash cloud of which is giving residents a hard time. The volcano had awakened in 2010 for the first time after hundreds of years. 6000 people were evacuated yesterday as scientists feared a major eruption when the volcano started rumbling.

Mount Merapi on the island of Java, in Indonesia, started awakening yesterday. Luckily, nobody was harmed – people still recover from the loss of hundreds of people during the eruption in 2010.

ImageVolcanic activity worldwide. Status: November 22, 2013. Source: Humanitarian Early Warning Service.

The almost contemporary eruption of so many volcanos around the globe gives way to some concern: something is moving. It has to be pointed out though that some scientists believe that solar flares may trigger earthquakes and movements of the tectonic plates which might give way to volcano eruptions. The sun has been quite active in the last 4 weeks after it had been much too quiet in the 11th year of the actual solar cycle.

More activity is being noticed in many other places worldwide. How special the quantity of volcanic activity is and whether you’re in a potentially hazardous place you can find out at the Humanitarian Early Warning Service site.

Some people believe that all these events are connected to the possibly painful beginning of a new era that would have started on the famous end-time date 21/12/2012. If and why these are truth-based or unfounded assumptions will be laid out in an article we’re going to publish for the first anniversary of the Mayan end date – December 21, 2013.

Stay tuned for space weather news in the next days.

For updates and real-time news of volcano events check the USGS volcano watch site.

Written by: Mystica

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