Strange Substance Falling From The Sky In France

The following article, posted by Message To Eagle, describes the bizarre events that occurred in France, when spiderweb-like fiber particles fell from the sky. Up to the current day, no valuable explanation has been found to the phenomenon. However, the stroy reminds one very much of the phenomenon of the Morgellon syndrome.


A strange, thin white substance falling from the sky has created a debate in France.

Puzzled and frightened residents called the police and firefighters to examine the mysterious substance. Now people ask – what are those long, silky strings floating in the air?

The substance was observed for the first time on Thursday by residents of the Drome and Ardeche, France.

It was unclear whether the unknown material falling from the skies was toxic, but an analysis was not requested by authorities. The substance is very similar to what is called “angel hair”. Unfortunately, very little is known about “angel hair”. This aerial anomaly is delicate, glittery, white and hair-like in its appearance. Angel hair is often associated with UFO sightings. Over the years, their have been a number of reports of falls of  angel hair around the world.

There are very few samples of this higly unusual substance. The substance is very difficult to examnine because it melts when you touch it. However, angel hair is only one explanation that has been put forward.

There are also other hypotheses. Some believe this could be chemtrails.

Scientists have suggested that the mysterious filaments rain that fell on Thursday was created by spiders.

Such spider webs are used by spiders to handle wind and move from one place to another.

Similar spider webs were discovered earlier this year in Texas.

Experts from the Texas Cooperative Extension wrote, “spiderlings disperse by “ballooning.” They spin a single silk thread which is caught by the wind, which carries them to a new location.”

According to scientists such spider webs occur when weather conditions change dramatically or when spiders migrate to better hunting grounds.

They’re called “ballooning” or “floating” webs made by young, migrating spiders.

“There’s some that produce a ball like a balloon, and there’s some they call tent spiders because they create almost like a triangle,” according to Texas A&M Agrilife horticulturist Patrick Dickinson.

What is this that fell from the skies in France? Image: Thomas ZIMMERMANN Photo / The Dauphine Libere

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