How Green Potatoes Are Very Dangerous For Your Health

Potatoes are one of the highly used and consumed vegetables around the globe but do you know there are certain types of potatoes which should not be consumed by humans because they are dangerous and at times fatal. If a person consumes them in substantial quantity then they simply put up themselves for a gamut of sense-losing ailments. That is the reason why many researchers around the world advised not to eat green potatoes. The concerns about green potatoes revolve around the presence of chlorophyll and solanine; though, chlorophyll is innocuous but the major concern rests with solanine which acts adversely on a human’s health. Due to the presence of solanine, it is usually prohibited to consume green potatoes.


Solanine – How to identify green potatoes?

Solanine can be found in all potato roots; this substance is available in limited quantity initially and acts as an insect killer for potatoes but due to the burgeoning exposure to light, the quantity of solanine keeps on increasing in potatoes which, in turn, becomes lethal for a human’s health. Most of the time, green potatoes can be easily recognized out of the lot because of their green color which happens due to the increased exposure of chlorophyll but it also indicates the amount of solanine present in that potato. In other cases, it is difficult to identify green potato unless or until you eat it; as they taste bitter to your taste buds. Therefore, that is the time when you quickly distinguish a green potato from the rest of your lot.

Problems with green potatoes

Green potatoes have created a lot of stir all over the internet due to its poisonous nature. Experts say that if a human consumes these kinds of potatoes in a required quantity then it is evident that he would get sick. This would happen because of the dangerous substances which can be found in green potatoes. The problems associated with green potatoes are listed below along with the explanation that why it is usually prohibited to consume green potatoes.
The problem with green potatoes is the thing ‘Green’ in it, it depicts that potato as poisonous and represent the presence of ‘Solanine’ in it; which causes nausea, headaches and neurological problems in a person who consumes it
According to sources, if a person consumes green potato equivalent to one baked potato then that would be enough for him to get sick
Green potatoes, apart from that, contain toxins and taste bitter to taste buds; that’s the reason why people do not eat it much
There is a toxin called glycoalkaloid which is found in potatoes and works as a safeguard for green potatoes as it helps them in fighting against insects and other potatoes-harming bugs but at the same time it also damages the edibility of potato with the increase in its quantity in potatoes
Moving forward, if a person eats green potato then he can suffer from various problems in his body; his vision can change, he could feel nausea which may lead to delirium, hallucinations or delusions in more serious conditions
The attack by green potatoes start in human body within 10 – 12 hours after eating them and causes a person stomach pains, diarrhea, and continuous vomiting
Apart from that, headache, fever and lower body pains are also few of the many aftermaths of eating green potatoes
In extreme cases, consumption of these potatoes could also lead to death or severe conclusions
If a pregnant woman consumes it then solanine could attack the fetus and can also prove harmful for him/her or could also lead to miscarriage
Consuming green potatoes is sufficient quantity could also lead to paralysis in a person due to the reactions by solanine in his body. Solanine is a natural substance which is found in potatoes in a small quantity and act as a defense against insects but with the increasing exposure to light the quantity of solanine increases in a potato; hence, turning it into a dangerous edible item for a human being
Further, the toxins of green potatoes reduce when you peel off the greener layer from it; that is the reason why, fried chips pack contains lesser hazards of green potatoes because they have to peel it off before turning it into chips. This pointer would help shedding off the doubts of people about the probability of using green potatoes in manufacturing chips or snacks.
After having gone through the above pointers; it could be concluded that green potatoes are dangerous to consume for human beings therefore they should strictly avoid them in the food in order to avoid the grave aftermaths. There are several ways by which you can avoid or reduce the impact of green potatoes; firstly do not eat the greener part of potato ever and secondly, when you realize that the potato you are eating is bitter in taste then stop eating that potato instantly because that is green potato. Take these minor precautionary measures and you will be saved from the adverse effects of green potatoes in your body.

Source: Human Health


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