WWII and the Paranormal

December 7, 2013

Many strange things happened during the World War II timeline – or the first half of the twentieth century – inserts into our reality that would awaken human consciousness to the nature of its inception and ultimate purpose. Thus began the Period of End Times predicted by priests, prophets, and in oral traditions, since the beginning. Past, present (preset), and future, as we are lead to understand them, were about to merge as human consciousness prepared to move beyond physical reality. It would be a time of chaos and enlightenment, the likes of which humanity had never experienced. At last the answers would become known.

These changes included:

– time travel experiments
– increasing multiple-witnessed sightings of UFOs some allegedly involving interaction between humans and aliens

– an increase in multiple-witnessed reports in areas linked to paranormal activity

– major overnight advancements in technology and science developed setting the foundation for today’s achievements

– bio-genetic experiments by the Nazi’s began to create a Master Race sometimes associated with Atlanteans or superhumans

– conspiracies, treaties, and all sorts of covert affairs emerged globally


On this day in 1941 – 72 years ago – Japan attacked Pearl Harbor which led to the United States’ entry into World War II, an interest insert in the evolution of human consciousness as if a leap in time. The game board was global.

Allies forces fought in the South Pacific highlighted in Guadalcanal. The Battle of Guadalcanal was the first major offensive by Allied forces against the Empire of Japan and went by the code name “Operation Watchtower”. It took place August 7, 1942 – February 9, 1943 on and around the island of Guadalcanal in the Pacific theatre of World War II. Life is, after all, projected illusion.

But something else was reported during the war in that area – something of a more paranormal nature, that continues today and remains unexplained. This includes strange creatures witnessed by local island inhabitants and disappearing islands that have been recorded on satellite surveillance and recently visited. What’s going on? (see video below)

Creating Races

Hitler used biogenetic experiments in an attempt to create a powerful race of superhumans.

The alleged agenda of the gray aliens was to create a race of humans that merge their superior intellect with human emotions.

Ancient myths speak about the Anunnaki who created humans as a worker race.

The TV series “Ancient Aliens” speaks of visitors to Earth who create humans – then wipe them out with a flood (flood story myths) or ice age. They start again with a more evolved species who they monitor in time.

Depending on where you place your focus in the simulation’s timelines, you read will about mythological gods and aliens as all is created by the same mathematical principles – today known as Sacred Geometry or the Golden Mean, Divine Proportion, Phi (Consciousness) etc. Reality is science and math … and nothing is as you believe it to be.

The paranormal events witnessed in the video below are inserts in the hologram of our reality-
portals of the mind set in place for experience – projected illusion – and as real as we are.



Original article published at www.crystalinks.com

With many thanks to Ellie Crystal.

Image credit: G/C Entertainment System


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