Fukushima: No Way Out

Videos on Youtube give us what would actually be the mass media’s task: they inform us about what’s really up with Fukushima. Governments keep their mouths shut, and while Germany reacted to the Fukushima accident with the plan to shut down all existing reactors on their territory, the construction of nuclear power plants is carried out everywhere around Germany and everywhere in the world. Too big is the business to let it go, while the disastrous consequences of accidents have become evident with the Fukushima catastrophe. Nobody cares about future generations – we’re just assured that the chance of an accident is extremely small. However, one accident might be enough to make the planet inhabitable.
This 11 minute video makes part of the truth of Fukushima available for the public. And while you’re watching it, the Pacific Ocean and its natural flora and fauna is already dealing with the radioactive debris.

By the way: do you eat sushi? Ever wondered where the ingredients came from? Japanese farmers know…


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