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The intelligence of dolphins is probably comparable to the one of humans – considering the different environment and different physical abilities. Yet, they’re being slaughtered every year in one of the world’s cruelest hunting events: the Taiji Dolphin Hunt in Japan. Even foreign politicians and their representatives in the Japanese embassies are shocked and disgusted and try to put an end to the annual slaughter of hundreds of dolphins, calling people to take action. Such is the case with U.S. ambassador Caroline Kennedy. Yet, the Japanese government has never really helped the cause.

Japan is a country the problems of which have become immense after the Fukushima incident in which the Japanese government showed a very unethical behavior as well. The country needs to be put under international pressure. The dolphin hunt is one of the worst and bloodiest events in the world performed on defenseless animals. It has…

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2 comments on “The Inhuman Human Being: Dolphin Hunt In Japan

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