The Mysterious Voynich Manuscript: Is The Code About To Be Cracked?

This controversial ancient manuscript is not hoax says a famous Professor who is convinced he has solved the Voynich manuscript mystery. Many attempts have been made to crack the code of the mysterious 600-year-old manuscript, but none have been successful. Now a professor thinks he might have done what no other person has accomplished before – to solve the riddle of the Voynich manuscript. The nature and origin of the manuscript have long remained a mystery. Over the years, the Voynich manuscript has caused a lot of controversy and debate. This ancient medieval text is a cryptic document written by an unknown author. It is ancient book nobody is able to read. The famous manuscript is full of illustrations of exotic plants, stars, and mysterious human figures, as well as many pages written in an unknown text.


Many skilled cryptographers have studied the document. Their attempts to break the code failed. Up to now, none of them has been able to crack the code.

It is worth mentioning that at the end of WWII the U.S. military passed some spare time encrypting ancient texts. They managed to decipher every text except the Voynich manuscript.


Are we unable to break the mysterious code?

Is the book a deliberate hoax?

Is it an encoded version of a known language or a totally invented language? These are some of the questions scientists have asked while examining the odd manuscript. .

Those who believed in the authenticity of the Voynich manuscript maintained that the script is far too complex to be a hoax. Skeptics on the other hand, suggested that the failure of the code breaking indicates there might be no code to decipher and no hidden message.

Now, Stephen Bax, award-winning Professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of Bedfordshire claims to have cracked the code of the Voynich manuscript.
Using his wide knowledge of mediaeval manuscripts and his familiarity with Semitic languages such as Arabic, Professor Bax slowly started to unlock the mystery of this enigmatic ancient text full of strange and puzzling symbols.

“I hit on the idea of identifying proper names in the text, following historic approaches which successfully deciphered Egyptian hieroglyphs and other mystery scripts, and I then used those names to work out part of the script,” explained Professor Bax, who is to give his inaugural lecture as a professor at the University later this month.

“The manuscript has a lot of illustrations of stars and plants. I was able to identify some of these, with their names, by looking at mediaeval herbal manuscripts in Arabic and other languages, and I then made a start on a decoding, with some exciting results.”

Among the words he has identified is the term for Taurus, alongside a picture of seven stars which seem to be the Pleiades, and also the word KANTAIRON alongside a picture of the plant Centaury, a known mediaeval herb, as well as a number of other plants.

Although Professor Bax’s decoding is still only partial, it has generated a lot of excitement in the world of codebreaking and linguistics because it could prove a crucial breakthrough for an eventual full decipherment.

“My aim in reporting on my findings at this stage is to encourage other linguists to work with me to decode the whole script using the same approach, though it still won’t be easy. That way we can finally understand what the mysterious authors were trying to tell us,” he added.

“But already my research shows conclusively that the manuscript is not a hoax, as some have claimed, and is probably a treatise on nature, perhaps in a Near Eastern or Asian language.”

No one has ever come close to revealing the Voynich’s true messages. Has Professor Bax finally succeeded?


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  2. Hoi
    I have solved the voynich manuscript but I dont no if sombody can help me sow I can tell how I did it.
    Mine English is not sow good and life in the netherlands.
    I hope sombody can help me


  3. OK sweet and thanks!

    I will have some time this afternoon and I will put it through a translator and then see if that will post for you

    Thanks ūüôā

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