Politics And Other Observations Of The Day

Politics And Other Observations Of The Day.

Many are complaining that we’re living in a world of lies, but very few people are aware that lies are mostly the base of success. Nothing brings you faster to success, fame and power than the lie that everybody wants to hear.



2 comments on “Politics And Other Observations Of The Day

  1. Like this pic, it’s crafty and awesome. I don’t agree on your post though, you cannot build a brand on a lie. Besides lies begets more lies and nothing costs more in life and biz than losing your clients’ trust.

    • The original post was published on another wordpress site.
      However, a of big business has indeed been achieved based on lies. It often happens when people are being threatened with possible dangers and are then being offered a solution. Take the bird ‘flu, for example. It’s an acknowledged fact that the company Novalis spread the news about the bird ‘flu in order to save their company from going bancrupt. Lies that have been considered acknowledged facts are being uncovered every day. The Internet works a lot based on that: create a “mainstream” opinion or social current spreading a particular statement everywhere in the social media. If the lie matches the belief systems and/or ideas of many people, it will become strong and lead a particular project to success just because many people believe in the premises. It may help to sell a book for example, or a product. There are many examples we’ve come across that we don’t want to name here. Think about it.

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