Locked Gates, Riddle Lords' Secrets

Author, Howard West’s new hard cover book, Locked Gates, The Riddle Lords Secrets provides an impressive amount of evidence that goes beyond today’s simple understanding of Middle Eastern History.


Reintroducing the demigod, Thoth, “who gave the Ancient Egyptians their scientific methods;” his existence was entwined within the stories of the ancients



Pilgrim Ranch, Central Nevada

Modern rationalist believe in using Occam’s Razor: “theshaving of a narrative into its simplest terms” to define these stories of the ancients as myths. Nevertheless, Howard West’s, Locked Gates, The Riddle Lords Secrets: proves that the stories of the Riddle Lords of the ancient Middle East were intentionally encrypted to give two concepts; one in deceptivelysimple terms for their enemies and the common folk, the other locked away; treasure hidden for their heirs. Confirming evidence of that concept is found in the writings of the Dead Sea…

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