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It is a fact that unidentified flying objects are stopovers or anomalous phenomena and have been since antiquity in the sky of our planet . When it comes to UFO sightings, pilots and other aviation professionals when interviewed after seeing something strange during a flight, usually attributed to weather balloons, Air traffic unknown, unidentified objects or aircraft unknown.

But when these sightings are witnessed by several witnesses , security forces and the situation changes confirmed by radar, the mystery becomes reality. These cases can never be explained and remain in the minds of all those who ever witnessed a lot of objects that are possibly of extraterrestrial origin . And this is the new Gold Coast event occurred, Australia, where a local resident has recorded an amazing and mysterious objects of different colors flying over the sky .

A new UFO seen by multiple witnesses

Jack Purcell, resident of Chevron Island, saw a UFO flying over the colorful city Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, Thursday night 13 Marc. Purcell recorded a video of the’ albirament ovni, YouTube to quickly share so others could comment on the striking object that seemed clearly to be an extraterrestrial ship moving across the sky.

Purcell told various media that his mother was the first UFO sighting in the sky. After seeing the object, Purcell went quickly inside the house to grab his video camera and captured UFO observation. The sighting happened in the front yard of the house Purcell, where was his mother and his friends when the object appeared in the sky multicolor.

“We were all sitting on the porch of the house and my mother pointed to the sky and said, : ‘Look at this colorful flying object ‘ . So we were all speechless and we saw clearly that the mysterious object was floating there. So I ran inside and I grabbed my video camera “, said Purcell .

The video shows the unidentified flying object with flashing bright colors like green, Red, blue and yellow in different patterns. But more surprising was that other local residents also took to the streets to observe the mysterious object that also warned their own police , they were also able to observe it.

“It was very strange. I was pretty skeptical about these things , but it just left me to·amazed “, will declare Jack Purcell. And as always happens in these cases, as reported by News.com.au , some comments on the YouTube video speculated that the UFO was really colorful helicopter drone. Yet, Purcell and all those who witnessed the’ UFO sighting were totally disagree .

“I saw helicopters and drones are not so great , while this thing was huge. It was a lot of height, I do not think it was a drone helicopter someone Area. I have no idea what it was, but I think it was really a UFO despite the madness might seem” , said Purcell .

Meanwhile, Police spokesman Gold Coast confirmed that there were police helicopters nor military is testing in the area when it happened the UFO sighting. Yet, Police believe it may be a device controlled by radio control that was flying in the area.

” If it’s something bigger would have been picked up by the air control radars “, spokesman Gold Coast police .

But several experts in the UFO subject are not entirely agree with the statement of the authorities, because they claim that even the police who also witnessed the mysterious object were really surprised to see a large object and especially like nothing known. The conspiracy theorists think they are trying to hide this new sighting happening again because of the social phenomenon OVNI de Bremen a Alemanya .




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