Does The Ingá Stone Contain A Coded Message From An Alien Civilization?

An Intriguing Mystery Of The Past – It’s covered with mysterious ancient signs and remarkable engravings of geometric shapes.
Who made these astonishing drawings? There have been a lot of speculations about the origin of these intriguing markings, but so far no-one has been able to solve the mystery of the Inga Stone.
Various theories have been presented. Some said the signs were carved by ancient Indian cultures. Others suggested it was done by an unknown ancient civlization that visited this region in the past. There are also those who think the carvings were made by extraterrestrials.
Some have wonder if the mysterious Ingá stone contain a coded message from an alien civilization living on a remote planet.
The Ingá stone is one of the largest and most impressive Brazilian archaeological monuments.
It is a huge monolith located in the state of Paraíba, Brazil.
It consists of a rock formation in gneiss. Here we find a set of stones, where there are applications, whose translation is unknown.
Various sources have been identified, and there are many who argue that the Stone of Inga has Phoenician origin, but this has not been confirmed.
The archaeological site of Inga Stone is a set full of intriguing rock inscriptions, extraordinarily complex, produced in low relief widely over a rocky cliff of 46m long by 3.8 m high, rising upon a pavement of the creek blunderbuss, the city of Inga.The inscriptions, which occupy 15m long by 2.3 m high in the wall, we present esmeras with many mixed signals, making an amazing system of signs that were recorded by a past that unknown grooves broad, deep and very well polished.


The Ingá Stone contains mysterious signs we cannot understand. Image credit: Adrovando Claro

According to Brazilian researcher Gabriele Baraldi, who has spent considerable time studying these inscriptions, the drawings and pictures show proof of unknown ancient technology.


Does the stone contain a message for future generations? Image credit: J.A. Fonseca

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