Against Bee Killing

This is more than just protecting a species. This action means protecting ALL species.

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Against Bee Killing

You might want to follow me and take action in this.

This is a very important cause – I already posted about the dying bees before.
If you take the time to sign the request, you’ll be asked to eventually add your own words. I personally think that this is more powerful than just signing.
My text was this:
Thank you for considering my input.
“We all have been taught already in school how the ecological chains work in nature. Some elements – animals or plants – are less, other more important, however, none is unimportant. Nature has developed over billions of years to find a wonderful balance that we can admire every day – and that we’re destroying every day instead. Greediness, failure of knowledge, corruption, criminal acts, filtered information, regardlessness – the list of reasons is long, but greediness is always the reason on top of it. Bees…

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