Predictions And Prophecies: VI Spaceweather Facts – The World In Transition

By Susan Rennison

Whilst many voices proclaimed that our world is in transition, the 21st December 2012 was wrongly portrayed as an apocalyptic ‘End of the World’ event. The so-called ‘Mayan Apocalypse’ came and went and nothing appeared to happen, but that is because most have been looking in the wrong direction.

For the last 25 years or so, our world has been facing a major cosmic onslaught and the evidence is now overwhelming that we are facing a New World Age where Space Weather will dominate how humans are able to live on planet Earth.

In 2010, NASA scientists admitted:

“Earth and space are about to come into contact in a way that’s new to human history.”

“We’re on the threshold of a new era in which space weather can be as influential in our daily lives as ordinary terrestrial weather.”


As the Sun Awakens, NASA Keeps a Wary Eye on Space Weather

NASA Science News, 4th June 2010.


Are you aware that NASA and the European Space Agency have been releasing a variety of ominous press releases in recent years concerning Space Weather?

In short, our planet is being blasted by cosmic energies at the same time that Earth’s planetary and solar system defenses are deteriorating with many repercussions that affect the future of mankind.

In March 2010, one commentator stated:

“These discoveries about the outer fringe of our solar system come at a time when new NASA revelations have piled up so fast and so frequently that our paradigm is completely changing again and again without the general public even really being aware.”

“It’s a whole new ball game in space.”

J.S. Holland, NASA Baffled by Giant Space Ribbon,

14th March 2010, Louisville Mojo,


Earth is surrounded by a magnetosphere, a complex magnetic field that acts like a cosmic umbrella, a bubble in space, tens of thousands of miles wide. It was a fairly reliable protective shield from the worst effects of space weather, but things have changed.


In December 2003, a NASA press release titled, Cracks in Earth’s Magnetic Shield stated:

“We’ve discovered that our magnetic shield is drafty, like a house with a window stuck open during a storm. The house deflects most of the storm, but the couch is ruined. Similarly, our magnetic shield takes the brunt of space storms, but some energy slips through its cracks, sometimes enough to cause problems with satellites, radio communication, and power systems.”

Cracks in Earth’s Magnetic Shield,

NASA Science news, Dec. 3, 2003

In September 2008, a NASA press release revealed that our planet is now being flooded by galactic cosmic rays as part of a long term trend that started in the mid 1990s. Shockingly, astronomers openly speculated that the shielding around our solar system might ‘evaporate’.

“The protective shield of energy that surrounds our solar system, has weakened by 25 per cent over the past decade and is now at it lowest level since the space race began 50 years ago.”

Solar Wind Loses Power, Hits 50-year Low

NASA News, 23rd September 2008

Like opening the windows to allow in some fresh air, it seems that Mother Earth is deliberately lowering her shields to allow in more New Energy.

Yes, that is right.

NASA has reported that there are massive breaches where Earth’s cosmic protection affectively disappears on the daylight side. The entire day-side of the magnetosphere is open to the solar wind.


A Giant Breach in Earth’s Magnetic Field, NASA News, 16th December 2008

Sun Often ‘Tears Out A Wall’ In Earth’s Solar Storm Shield,, December 16, 2008,


Earth’s magnetic field no longer fully protects against Space Weather, but neither does the atmosphere! In 2010, the European Space Agency press release, Multiple rifts in Earth’s magnetic shield, made the following claim.

“Fortunately, these fissures don’t expose Earth’s surface to the solar wind; our atmosphere protects us, even when our magnetic field doesn’t.”

Multiple rifts in Earth’s magnetic shield,

European Space Agency, 20 January 2010

Less than three years later, in October 2012, the European Space Agency disclosed that Earth’s cosmic shielding had dramatically deteriorated.

“Earth’s Magnetosphere Is Like A Sieve”

Masson A, Multiple rifts in Earth’s magnetic shield,

Science and Robotic Exploration, Directorate, ESA, The Netherlands, 20 Jan 2010

Earth’s Magnetosphere Behaves Like a Sieve,

Science Daily, 24th October 2012

We are being told in no uncertain terms, Earth is NOT a closed energetic system! Prof. Dr. Elchin Khalilov, Chairman of World Forum – International Congress GEOCATACLYSM-2011, stated:

“…we are at the beginning of the so-called “global energy leap” on our planet and in the Solar system in general. “

Geoscientists have realised that theories that seek to blame an anthropogenic (manmade) cause for climate change are incorrect. In 2011, an international conference was attended by scientists from 30 countries that heard 200 presentations with research papers included in a massive 600 page final report, “NATURAL CATACLYSMS AND GLOBAL PROBLEMS OF THE MODERN CIVILIZATION”, Geocataclysm 2011.

The Honorary Chairman Dr. Elchin Khalilov of the World Forum International Congress “GEOCATACLYSM-2011” states in this paper the following:

“An important role in climate change is attributed to global changes in the parameters of the geomagnetic field and magnetosphere; this refers in particular to the more than 500% increase in the North Magnetic Pole’s drift rate and reduction of the geomagnetic field intensity. Today, the impact of magnetospheric processes on Earth’s climate is considered a proven scientific fact.”

PROCEEDINGS: Natural Cataclysms and Global Problems of the Modern Civilization, WORLD FORUM – INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS September 19-21, 2011 – Istanbul, Turkey

In 2009, a NASA commissioned a report conducted by the National Science Foundation warning that a solar “superstorm” could have serious consequences. Earth’s communications satellites could be knocked out and dangerous power surges in the national grid could destroy transformers and disrupt crucial navigation aids and aircraft avionics.


Severe Space Weather–Social and Economic Impacts,

NASA Science News, 21st January 2009

This report was preceded and followed by many others. Most notable is the Lloyd’s of London 360 Space Weather Report published in November 2010. Lloyds’s is the world’s leading insurance market providing specialist insurance services to businesses in over 200 countries and territories. They state:

“A major space weather event in the approaching solar maximum could cause widespread disruption for unprepared businesses.”

Space Weather, Its impact on Earth & Implications for business

Lloyd’s, November 2010,

In August 2011, NASA released a video depicting what looks like a hurricane in space. Craig DeForest of the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado said:

“The movie sent chills down my spine.”

“It shows a CME swelling into an enormous wall of plasma and then washing over the tiny blue speck of Earth where we live. I felt very small.”


Spacecraft Sees Solar Storm Engulf Earth,

NASA Science News, 18th August 2011

We can expect an extreme solar storm about once every 150 years caused by the Sun ejecting a trillion tonnes of highly-energetic matter travelling at a million miles an hour and then hitting the Earth.


The major solar storm known as The Carrington Event occurred in 1859 so we are already overdue. Yet, this apocalyptic event is impossible to predict more than about 30 minutes before it actually happens. Regardless, world controllers are taking action to prevent a total meltdown of the technological infrastructure of our modern world.


“Electric power is modern society’s cornerstone technology on which virtually all other infrastructures and services depend…. Yet it is particularly vulnerable to bad space weather.”

Severe Space Weather–Social and Economic Impacts,

NASA Science News, 21st January 2009

However, according to NASA scientists, almost nothing is immune from space weather. Here are some of the most important impacts on human activities and welfare.

20131220-124827.jpgSpace weather is affecting our weather. After Superstorm Sandy, there were some major confessions. The well known physicist Michio Kaku declared that the term “global warming” is a misnomer, as we are not experiencing a uniform warming of the Earth. Rather he states,

“It’s global swings. In other words, the weather on steroids. So think of 100-year forest fires, 100-year droughts, 100-year floods, 100-year hurricanes. That could be a new way of life in the future because there’s more energy circulating in the atmosphere.”

Source: Professor Michio Kaku, of the City University of New York.

Is “weather on steroids” the new normal?, CBS News, 2nd November 2012

In January 2013, Prof. Paul Song at UMass Lowell’s Center for Atmospheric Research (CAR) stated:

“Predicting space weather is the next frontier in weather forecasting.”

Study Will Explore How Solar Storms Affect Earth’s Atmosphere,

UMass Lowell, 4th January 2013

Gen_NortonSwartzThe U.S. military have warned that space weather is having an impact on communications. Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz publicly warned there is too much reliance on GPS. In January 2010, The Air Force Times reported:

“Our operations cannot grind to a halt for a degraded or denied system,”

“Our reliance on information technologies, for example, is very well known.”

Schwartz warns against dependence on GPS,

Air Force Times, 23rd January 2010    

Satellite navigational systems used to be accurate to within 1 metre, but this has drastically changed. In October 2012, it was reported:

“Studies have revealed how space weather can cut the accuracy of GPS by tens of metres.”

Arctic probe into solar storm sat-nav disruption,

BBC News, 10th October 2012

The UK military have already understood the issues and back to basics military exercises without GPS have been undertaken.

MoD Halts GPS Jamming After Safety Complaints,

Eweek Europe, 11th October 2011


Obviously, due to worsening space weather, frequent flyers cannot expect trouble free skies. The warnings have already started informing air travellers to expect a greater radiation hazard in the following decades.

“When space weather is bad, dangerous particles abound. These include protons and ions, known as galactic cosmic rays (GRCs), raining down at near-light speed from space, and similar particles coming in bursts from the sun, called solar energetic particles (SEPs).”

Space Storms to Pose Greater Risk to Flyers and Astronauts

Science Now, 23rd September 2011      

Have you been wondering about all the high profile major computer system failures in recent years? Have you heard about the stock market breakdowns around the world? Massive banking meltdowns and continuous “glitches”, even ATM machines giving away free money? More cosmic rays mean more bit-flips and translates to more software and hardware corruption.

“The space era has so far experienced a time of relatively low cosmic ray activity.”

“We may now be returning to levels typical of past centuries.”

Richard Mewaldt, Caltech


Energetic iron nuclei counted by the Cosmic Ray Isotope Spectrometer on NASA’s Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) spacecraft eveal that cosmic ray levels have jumped 19% above the previous Space Age high. Credit: Richard Mewaldt/Caltech.

Cosmic Rays Hit Space Age High! NASA Science News, 28th September 2009

In the next 40 years, Trans Atlantic flights are expected to encounter twice as much turbulence while enroute due the jet stream is being accelerated and having a destabilising effect that is making air turbulence more likely to form.

“There are 600 transatlantic crossings every day, so a lot of fights will be affected by this.”

Flights to get bumpier as turbulence to double,

The Telegraph, 8th April 2013

Engineers are now looking for new ways to prevent autopilot systems from being corrupted by cosmic rays. The airline industry was badly spooked on October 7, 2008, when a Qantas plane flight QF72 from Singapore to Perth was cruising at 11,000 metres when the autopilot disengaged and the plane suddenly plunged 200 metres in 20 seconds. Three minutes later it plunged a further 120 metres, this time over 16 seconds. 122 crew and passengers, 13 seriously were injured.

Passengers sue Qantas and Airbus over flight scare

ABC News, 19th September 2010


A few atmospheric scientists are concerned. There are extreme flashes of gamma-ray energy that explode in Earth’s atmosphere. This ‘dark’ lightning delivers a million times as much energy as the radiation in visible lightning. If an airline passenger is in the wrong place at the wrong time, they could be exposed to 400 chest X-rays worth of radiation.

It’s not just solar storms, more cosmic rays and radiation that humans are now facing. Astronomers stress that Earth is experiencing an upsurge of space rocks. There are so many asteroid flybys that some compare this to Earth being in a cosmic bowling alley!

We Live in a Cosmic Shooting Gallery,

Universe Today, 13th March 2013

The belief is that it’s a matter of when not if Earth will get hit by an asteroid and this means the inhabitants of Earth need an effective asteroid detection and deflection system.

This was sharply brought to the attention of the general public when asteroid 2012 DA14, passed Earth on Feb. 15, 2013 at a minuscule astronomical distance of just 27,700km (17,200 miles). Some astronomers believe that a piece broke off and entered Earth’s atmosphere. The estimated 55-foot (17 m) 10,000 tonnes meteor exploded over Russia with the force of about 30 nuclear bombs, injuring more than 1,200 people in the city of Chelyabinsk, causing extensive damage to city buildings.


Russian meteor hit atmosphere with force of 30 Hiroshima bombs,

Telegraph, 16th February 2013

The problem of a flood of Near Earth Objects (asteroids, comets and meteoroids) has been apparent for some time, but the seriousness of the threat has been generally hidden from the general public. In May 2007, the website Secrecy News, a publication of the Federation of American Scientists, reported an article headlined, NASA Tries, Fails to Withhold Planetary Defense Report. It read:

“The National Aeronautics and Space Administration earlier this year attempted to block public access to a comprehensive report on planetary defense against asteroids, but the document found its way into the public domain anyway.”

Aftergood S, NASA Tries, Fails to Withhold Planetary Defense Report,

Secrecy News, May 15th, 2007

NASA sought to prevent public disclosure of an important 272 pages Planetary Defense Report that provided the underlying analysis for NASA’s recommended conclusions strategy recommendation. An abbreviated version (28 pages, pdf) was provided to Congress and the public in March 2007, recommending against the initiation of a new planetary defense program.

Then, in June 2009, in keeping with the climate of secrecy, it was reported that the U.S. military had withdrawn their fireball data from the astronomers. The news was delivered to the space community as follows:

“For 15 years, scientists have benefited from data gleaned by U.S. classified satellites of natural fireball events in Earth’s atmosphere – but no longer. A recent U.S. military policy decision now explicitly states that observations by hush-hush government spacecraft of incoming bolides and fireballs are classified secret and are not to be released, has learned.”

David L, Military Hush-Up: Incoming Space Rocks Now Classified,, 10 June 2009

nasa_admin_boldenSo, it is no surprise that when NASA administrator Charles Bolden Jr. at a House Committee hearing was asked in March 2013 what America would do if a meteor similar to the one that hit in Russia on February 15th 2013 was found to be on a path toward New York City, with impact three weeks away. His response was the only thing we could do is “Pray”.

NASA’s advice for near-term meteor strike: “Pray”,

CBS News, 19th March 2013

Have you read that oceans, lakes and rivers are occasionally turning blood red all over the planet? Have you heard what sounds like ‘trumpets’ in the heavens? Should humanity be paying attention to Biblical Prophecy and esoteric astrotheology?

Yangtze_red_river_waterThe river that DID run red: Residents of Chinese city left baffled after Yangtze turns scarlet,

Daily Mail, 7th September 2012

In December 2012, Reuters reported the results of a poll by the Public Religion Research Institute in partnership with the Religion News Service found a considerable proportion of U.S. citizens think we are in the “End Times”. 36% thought the severity of recent natural disasters such as Superstorm Sandy is evidence the world is coming to an end, as predicted by the Bible, while more than 63% blame climate change.

Nearly four in 10 U.S. residents blame weather on “end

Yahoo News, 13th December 2012


Interestingly, in 2008, it is known that The Obama Administration in the White House approached metaphysical leaders in the United States about “planetary challenges”. Specifically they asked:

“…to communicate about what is transpiring on the planet, and how we can change the course of the unprecedented events that are challenging this planet.”

Regretfully this small group of New Age leaders had no idea why they were being asked, but it is now clear they were being tested. Recent revelations prove that major religious institutions, metaphysical and esoteric groups have been tracking the date 2012 as the end/start of a major astronomical cycle.

Obama Administration Requests Info on Planetary Challenges, Intent, 5th March 2009


“Cortez and Montezuma at Mexican Temple” Scene from the frieze decorating the United States Capitol Rotunda. Painted sometime between 1878 and 1880 by Constantino Brumidi. It features the Aztec Calendar Stone and other important Masonic symbolism.

This new cosmic dispensation was expected by those who have preserved ancient knowledge about the existence of long astronomical cycles. Strong evidence suggests an assortment of religious, metaphysical, esoteric and indigenous groups were using calendars derived from ancient knowledge that were carefully preserved to keep track of the time when we could expect a major period of cosmic transition and possible conflagration.

T. Horn & C. Putnam, Apollyon Rising 2012: The Lost Symbol Found & the Final Mystery of the Great Seal Revealed,

Defender Publishing, (2012)

T. Horn & C. Putnam, Petrus Romanus – The Final Pope is Here,

Defender Publishing (2013)

According to scientists, there is a belief that planet Earth is being swamped by a new stream of dark matter. Certainly, there is new evidence that the spacetime around Earth is changing and the European Space Agency have a new mission to determine what is going on.


Hidefumi Tomita, Detector development for direction-sensitive dark matter research,

ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, 2011,

Probing The Flyby Anomaly With The Future STE-QUEST Mission

Technology Review, 31st October 2012

The realm of the quantum is the fundamental source of spiritual energies, so spiritual leaders in theory should understand exactly what is going on. The issue of planetary challenges is because the violent delivery mechanism is causing problems for our modern technological world!

Finally, more and more scientists are admitting that evolution is driven by changes in the environment and that organisms will intelligently engineer their own DNA and control their own evolution in response to environmental stress. This means that natural selection over hundreds of thousands of years has been superseded by evidence that genetic changes can appear quickly in a matter of 15 generations and that translates to decades.

If you want to know more, you can download the report:

 Planetary Challenges & Spiritual Evolution

Summary For Citizens of Planet Earth

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Predictions And Prophecies: V The Blood Moon And The Boötes Constellation

What is the Blood Moon, and why do people attribute certain current astronomical constellations to the return of Jesus?

The following article deals with the intriguing coincidences found between astronomical, astrological and biblical predictions. The field we’re entering here is the universe of archaeoastronomy, solar mythology and astrotheology.

The theory of the Blood Moon

The years of 2014 and 2015 bring with them an interesting and uncommon occurrence called the “Blood Moon Tetrads.” This title reflects the fact that there will be four “blood moons” during these two years, an astronomical phenomenon involving the eclipse of a full moon. These total lunar eclipses will occur on April 15th and October 8th of 2014, and April 4th and September 28th of 2015. Because of atmospheric conditions during these total eclipses, the lunar surface will appear “blood red” from our perspective. Fortunately for Americans, all four of these blood or red moons will be visible from the United States.

The Blood Moon Tetrads have occurred a number of times in the last several centuries, with an attendant mythology developing around them, including and especially among Christians during the past nearly 2,000 years. As Robert Tulip states in The 2014 Astrotheology Calendar:

“Some fundamentalist Christians link this series of four eclipses or ‘Tetrads’ to prophecies of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. They cite biblical mentions of the blood moon, including the apostle Peter’s quote from the prophet Joel in Acts 2:20 and the opening of the sixth seal described at Revelation 6:12.”

Robert also points out that this natural occurrence is valuable not only to Christian prophecy but also to those interested in ancient religion and mythology revolving around nature worship, called “astral religion” or “astrotheology.” Says he, “Eclipses were key events in the ancient world for showing the exact position of the stars against the seasons, checking the calculations of astronomers in the days before the invention of telescopes.”

These astronomical calculations included what is called the “precession of the equinoxes,” a phenomenon caused by the earth’s tilt on its axis. Tulip relates that the ancient Greek astronomer credited with “discovering” or chronicling the precession, Hipparchus (fl. 134 BCE), used the “blood moon next to Virgo’s bright star Spica” in order to “prove that the equinox position had shifted compared to the old star maps from Babylon.”

Christian Astrotheology

Like their predecessors among not only the pagans but also the Jews, early Christians and their descendants down the ages were fascinated by the sky and searched it regularly for portents of God’s will. Christians traditionally have scoured the Bible for any sign of prophecy that might be used to predict the purported return of Jesus Christ or “Second Coming.” The blood moons have been struck upon because of the mention of celestial events in the Bible in several verses, including Luke 21:15:

And there will be signs in sun and moon and stars…

Acts 2:20 is another such “prophetic” verse, essentially repeating the scripture at Joel 2:13:

The sun shall be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood, before the great and terrible day of the LORD comes.

Because of these biblical verses, many fervent Christians have been awaiting Christ’s return on every blood moon since the second century or so. The tetrads or collection of four such events in two years have been viewed as especially powerful. The blood moon tetrads of 2014 and 2015 are no less alluring to devotees, whose websites, books and videos on the subject can be found around the internet.

Boötes and Arcturus


As N.W. Barker and I explain also in the 2014 Astrotheology Calendar, the constellation of Boötes and one of its stars, Arcturus, are also important markers within Christian astrotheology, as Boötes is deemed the “coming one,” a herald of the messiah. Thus, the constellation’s location during the blood moons is also of interest to Christians.

Tribulation and Dark Age

Unfortunately, this supposed return of Christ as depicted at Revelation 14:14-20 must be accompanied by slaughter and bloodshed that will destroy much of the world’s human population. It has been surmised that there will be a modern Dark Age in the near future, because of these scriptures, as Revelation 9:13-15 describes the killing of one-third of the world’s population – nonbelievers – while Isaiah 13:12 depicts mankind as becoming “more rare than fine gold.”

Obviously, the billions of people globally who are not believers in the Bible will not be happy with such a dreadful fate. Some of these nonbelievers likely will point out that all previous instances of Christ’s purported return have failed and that there is even a debate whether or not Jesus was a historical figure who actually came in the first place. Thus, skeptics will predict also that no such event will happen during the coming blood moons of 2014 and 2015.

In any event, the Blood Moon Tetrads are sure to excite millions of people worldwide, both for their supposed “prophetic” quality as well as for their marvelous beauty. We may hope what these blood moons will usher in is peace and understanding between all peoples globally.

Source: The Examiner

Image credits:

ZME Science

Predictions And Prophecies: IV Fimbulwinter – The End Of All Life On Earth

“Is a mini ice age on the way?” asks Daily Mail and states further: “Scientists warn the Sun has ‘gone to sleep’ and say it could cause temperatures to plunge”.
–  2013 was due to be year of the ‘solar maximum’
–  Researchers say solar activity is at a fraction of what they expect
–  Conditions ‘very similar’ a time in 1645 when a mini ice age hit 

landscape_antarcticaWe’ve been prepared for Global Warming, but what happens if an ice age hits us, unprepared? Billions of dollars have been spent for the prevention of a major catastrophe provoked by Global Warming. But while we were preparing for heat, temperatures stopped rising already in 1996. Even more: temperatures have become colder in several places on Earth. The truth about this didn’t become public until a few years ago. Those who want to keep standing by Global Warming sustain that Global Cooling is actually provoked by Global Warming.

There is a lot to say about this. The team of Mystica has been researching this subject for several years and had to pass through a jungle of controversial documents and information, hidden agendas, the biggest business in modern times, blatant lies and ugly old men fighting for power. The results of this investigation will be exposed in a series of articles when the time has come.

Some people think that the prediction of a (mini) ice age with its devastating consequences for the nature of the planet matches the end-time-predictions of the ancient northern people.

Ragnarök is the Norse Apocalypse, allegedly starting on February 22nd, 2014. The end-time events – to come at the end of this episode – are preceded by a harsh winter that puts an end to all life on Earth, called Fimbulvetr (“Fimbulwinter”).  The northern hemisphere has seen very harsh winters in the last four years, topped by the temperatures in North America during the current winter 2013/2014. Some people think that Earth is going towards a major cooling resulting in an ice age or mini ice age.

Fimbulvetr comes from Old Norse, meaning “awful, great winter”. The prefix “fimbul” means “the great/big” so the correct interpretation of the word is “the great winter”.

However, the Fimbulwinter means not one, but three winters: Fimbulwinter is three successive winters where snow comes in from all directions, without any intervening summer. During this time, there will be innumerable wars and ties of blood will no longer be respected: the next-of-kin will lie together and brothers will kill brothers.

The event is described primarily in the Poetic Edda. In the poem Vafþrúðnismál, Odin poses the question to Vafþrúðnir as to who of mankind will survive the Fimbulwinter. Vafþrúðnir responds that Líf and Lífþrasir will survive and that they will live in the forest of Hoddmímis holt.

Harsh winter and low temperatures are the consequence of low sun activity. The activity of our sun has not been as low in over 100 years, scientist have warned.

Has the Sun gone to sleep?

sun1Sunspot numbers are well below their values from 2011, and strong solar flares have been infrequent, as this image shows – despite Nasa forecasting major solar storms

The Solar Circle

Conventional wisdom holds that solar activity swings back and forth like a simple pendulum. At one end of the cycle, there is a quiet time with few sunspots and flares. At the other end, solar max brings high sunspot numbers and frequent solar storms. It’s a regular rhythm that repeats every 11 years.

Reality is more complicated.

Astronomers have been counting sunspots for centuries, and they have seen that the solar cycle is not perfectly regular.

A Situation Similar to the Maunder Minimum

The conditions we encounter right now with the sun are eerily similar to those before the Maunder Minimum, a time in 1645 when a mini ice age hit, freezing London’s River Thames, scientists say.

Researchers believe the solar lull could cause major changes, and say there is a 20% chance it could lead to ‘major changes’ in temperatures.

Whatever measure you use, solar peaks are coming down,’ Richard Harrison of the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire told the BBC.

‘I’ve been a solar physicist for 30 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this.’

He says the phenomenon could lead to colder winters similar to those during the Maunder Minimum.

‘There were cold winters, almost a mini ice age.

‘You had a period when the River Thames froze.’

Lucie Green of UCL believes that things could be different this time due to human activity.

‘We have 400 years of observations, and it is in a very similar to phase as it was in the runup to the Maunder Minimum.

‘The world we live in today is very different, human activity may counteract this – it is difficult to say what the consequences are.’

Maunder MinimumThe Frozen Thames, 1677 – an oil painting by Abraham Hondius shows the old London Bridge during the Maunder Minimum

Mike Lockwood University of Reading says that the lower temperatures could affect the global jetstream, causing weather systems to collapse.

“We estimate within 40 years there a 10-20% probability we will be back in Maunder Minimum territory,” he said.


Last year Nasa warned “something unexpected’ is happening on the Sun. This year was supposed to be the year of ‘solar maximum,’ the peak of the 11-year sunspot cycle. But  solar activity is relatively low.

“Sunspot numbers are well below their values from 2011, and strong solar flares have been infrequent,” the space agency says.

The image of the sun above shows the Earth-facing surface of the Sun on February 28, 2013, as observed by the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager (HMI) on NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. It observed just a few small sunspots on an otherwise clean face, which is usually riddled with many spots during peak solar activity. Experts have been baffled by the apparent lack of activity – with many wondering if NASA simply got it wrong. However, Solar physicist Dean Pesnell of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center believes he has a different explanation.

‘This is solar maximum,” he says. “But it looks different from what we expected because it is double-peaked. The last two solar maxima, around 1989 and 2001, had not one but two peaks.”

Solar activity went up, dipped, then rose again, performing a mini-cycle that lasted about two years, he said.

The same thing could be happening now, as sunspot counts jumped in 2011 and dipped in 2012, he believes. Pesnell expects them to rebound in 2013:

“‘I am comfortable in saying that another peak will happen in 2013 and possibly last into 2014.”

He spotted a similarity between Solar Cycle 24 and Solar Cycle 14, which had a double-peak during the first decade of the 20th century. If the two cycles are twins, ‘it would mean one peak in late 2013 and another in 2015’.

For many people, these scientific facts seem to match the Ragnarök prophecy and the three winters of the Fimbulvetr and have already been provoking lots of speculations. However, scientists think that the Fimbulwinter mythology might be related to the extreme weather events of 535–536 which resulted in a notable drop in temperature across northern Europe. There have also been several popular ideas about whether or not this particular piece of mythology has a connection to the climate change that occurred in the Nordic countries at the end of the Nordic Bronze Age dating from about 650 BC. Before this climate change, the Nordic countries were considerably warmer.

But the legend and the latest discoveries concerning our Sun, as much as many other elements, raise an interesting question: are there natural cycles in our solar system that bring a recurrent drastic climate change to the planet? And are so many legends and tales of ancient peoples eventually remaining of the events provoked by such cycles? Were the consequences so devastating that entire landscapes were reshaped?

If we accept the idea of recurrent climate changes on Earth with catastrophic effects, we could approach lots of archeological and anthropological mysteries from a different side and maybe learn from the past to save our own lives.


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Predictions and Prophecies: III. Ragnarök, The Downfall Of The Gods On February 22, 2014

Will the world end in less than 50 days?


In Norse mythology, Ragnarök is a series of future events, including a great battle foretold to ultimately result in the death of a number of major figures (including the gods Odin, Thor, Týr, Freyr, Heimdallr, and Loki), the occurrence of various natural disasters, and the subsequent submersion of the world in water. Afterward, the world will resurface anew and fertile, the surviving and returning gods will meet, and the world will be repopulated by two human survivors. Ragnarök is an important event in the Norse canon, and has been the subject of scholarly discourse and theory.

The event is attested primarily in the Poetic Edda, compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources, and the Prose Edda, written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson. In the Prose Edda, and a single poem in the Poetic Edda, the event is referred to as Ragnarök or Ragnarøkkr (Old Norse “Fate of the Gods” or “Twilight of the Gods” respectively), a usage popularized by 19th-century composer Richard Wagner with the title of the last of his Der Ring des Nibelungen operas, Götterdämmerung (1876).

  • Ragnarök, which translates to ‘Doom of the Gods’, is due to be preceded by the ‘winter of winters’.
  • Vikings believed that prior to the apocalypse three freezing winters would follow each other with no summers in between.
  • All morality would disappear and fights would break out all over the world, signalling the beginning of the end.
  • The wolf Skoll would then devour the sun, and his brother Hati would eat the moon, causing stars to vanish from the sky.
  • Norse mythology experts have calculated that this is due to take place on February 22, 2014.
  • On this day, the god Odin will be killed by the wolf Fenrir and the other ‘creator’ gods.
  • There will be huge earthquakes, the sea will rear up and the soil and the sky will be stained with poison.
  • The Earth will sink into the sea, paving the way for a new utopian world with endless supplies.


The end of the world was signalled in York in November 15, as a horn was blown to herald the beginning of the apocalypse

Ragnarok, which translates to ‘Doom of the Gods’, is due to be preceded by the winter of winters.

Vikings believed, prior to the apocalypse, three freezing winters would follow each other with no summers in between.

ImageAll morality would disappear and fights would break out all over the world, signalling the beginning of the end.

The wolf Skoll would devour the sun, and his brother Hati would eat the moon, causing stars to vanish from the sky and the Earth to be thrown into eternal darkness.

Norse mythology experts have calculated that Vikings believed this will take place on February 22, 2014.

On this day, the god Odin will be killed by the wolf Fenrir and the other ‘creator’ gods.

(To the right: ‘Then the Awful Fight’, by George Wright in 1908, depicts the final battle of the gods)

ImageThe sound of the horn is supposed to call the sons of Odin and the heroes to the battlefield, where Odin (pictured) will ultimately be killed

There will be huge earthquakes, the sea will rear up and the soil and the sky will be stained with poison.

The sound of the horn is supposed to call the sons of Odin to the battlefield, where Odin will ultimately be killed.

After his death, the Earth was foretold to sink into the sea, paving the way for a new utopian world with endless supplies.

Danielle Daglan from the Norvik Viking Centre told MailOnline that a number of recent events spoken about in the legends of Ragnarok led them to believe that the end of the world may well be imminent.

The legend states that ‘the first to notice shall be man, brother will fight brother and all the boundaries that exist shall crumble.’

‘The idea that “boundaries that exist shall crumble” could be said to be about the Internet age, where you can communicate with millions of people simultaneously around the world thanks to the global rise of social media,’ said Ms Daglan.

Viking tradition also believes that a vast winter will appear before the apocalypse.


‘Kampf der untergehenden Götter’ which translates as ‘Battle of the Doomed Gods’ was painted in 1882 by Wilhelm Wägner and depicts the gods in their ultimate fight. This was predicted to occur shortly before huge earthquakes and treacherous seas. it was thought that the soil sky would then be ‘stained with poison’

‘There are predictions that we are heading into a mini-ice age thanks to a fall in solar flare activity – what is a mini-ice age but several winters rolled into one?’ said Ms Daglan.

Another part of the legend claims that the Midgard Serpent, named Jormungand, shall free itself from its tail and rise up from the ocean.

Ms Dagland points to the two huge fish which appeared on a beach in California last month.

The giant oarfish were dead when they washed up on land, and some scientists believe they came ashore to die because they are ‘in distress’.

‘Traditionally, the Viking festival of Jolablot marked the end of the winter – if this winter truly does not end, then that feast may be given over to Ragnarok instead,’ said Ms Dagland.

The Jorvik Viking Centre predicted that Ragnarok would occur on 22 February because this is the end of the feast of Jolablot.

While not a scientific conclusion, they claim that Vikings loved to feast and wouldn’t want to miss this event. For this reason, they argue that Vikings would believe the world would end in 48 days from today.

The end of the world is coincidently the start of the grand finale of the Viking festival in York.

‘Following a study published in 2010 that bearded men are more trustworthy than those without, we’re also looking for fantastic displays of facial hair, so that we can identify those with the potential to take us into the brave new world that is foretold to follow Ragnarok,’ said Danielle Daglan director of the JORVIK Viking Festival.

‘In the last couple of years, we’ve had predictions of the Mayan apocalypse, which passed without incident, and numerous other dates where the end of the world has been pencilled in by seers, fortune tellers and visionaries,’ she added.

‘But the sound of the horn is possibly the best indicator yet that the Viking version of the end of the world really will happen on 22 February next year.’


Danielle Daglan from the Norvik Viking Centre told MailOnline that a number of recent events spoken about in the legends of Ragnarok led them to believe that the end of the world may well be imminent.

For instance, the legend states that ‘the first to notice shall be man, brother will fight brother and all the boundaries that exist shall crumble.’

‘The idea that “boundaries that exist shall crumble” could be said to be about the Internet age, where you can communicate with millions of people simultaneously around the world thanks to the global rise of social media,’ said Ms Daglan.

Viking tradition also believes that a vast winter will appear before the apocalypse.

‘There are predictions that we are heading into a mini-ice age thanks to a fall in solar flare activity – what is a mini-ice age but several winters rolled into one?’ said Ms Daglan.

Another part of the legend suggests that the Midgard Serpent, named Jormungand, shall free itself from its tail and rise up from the ocean.

Ms Dagland points to the two huge fish which appeared on a beach in California last month.

The giant oarfish were dead when they washed up on land, and some scientists believe they came ashore to die because they are ‘in distress’.

‘Traditionally, the Viking festival of Jolablot marked the end of the winter – if this winter truly does not end, then that feast may be given over to Ragnarok instead,’ said Ms Dagland.

The Jorvik Viking Centre predicted that Ragnarok would occur on 22 February because this is the end of the feast of Jolablot.

While not a scientific conclusion, they claim that Vikings loved to feast and wouldn’t want to miss this event. For this reason, they argue that Vikings would believe the world would end in 48 days.

ImageOne part of the legend suggests that the Midgard Serpent, named Jormungand, shall free itself from its tail and rise up from the ocean. Ms Dagland points to the two huge fish which appeared on a beach in California in October 2013. 

(See also: Is the oarfish legend true?)

However, while the story foretold in Ragnarök resembles the Atlantis legend and other legends about sunken continents and cities a lot, it is a medieval document that might as well reproduce legends inherited from earlier populations.

In the second part of the Ragnarök prophecy, we will have a look at other interpretations and also some scientific views on the legend.

Stay tuned.

Sources: Dailymail, Wikipedia

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Predictions And Prophecies: II. The Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri Prophecy And The Return Of The Messiah

January 29, 2006, died Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, one of the most famous rabbis of Israel, the leading Sephardi Kabbalist of his time. Then they all said that he left one of the greatest Jewish teachers XX century. Rabbi was — according to different sources — from 106 to 118 years.


Before his death, he regained consciousness and asked to be left alone with the four closest disciples. Then said:

January 29, 2006, died Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, one of the most famous rabbis of Israel, the leading Sephardi Kabbalist of his time. Then they all said that he left one of the greatest Jewish teachers XX century. Rabbi was — according to different sources — from 106 to 118 years.

Before his death, he regained consciousness and asked to be left alone with the four closest disciples. Then said:

– If Kabbalists explore what I said in the last few months about the coming Messiah, then find his name, hidden in my words that opened my 9 year Cheshvan 5764 (11 November 2003). On the same day I received to meet with him face to face. He is here, he is among us, but he would not come and say, I Messiah, follow me. Kabbalists have to find it among the “hidden” words, and then the people of Israel should ask the Messiah to become king. A few minutes later, he whispered to one of his disciples esoteric expansion code name. Who was he said the code, the students refused to report.

Name of the Messiah

A few months before the death of Yitzhak Kaduri, wrote the name of the Messiah in a small note which he requested to print a year after his death. When the note was printed, it revealed what many have known for centuries: Yehoshua, or Yeshua (Jesus) is the Mashiach (Messiah).

Biblical name Yehoshua rabbi and kabbalist described the Messiah using six words and hinting that the initial letters form the name of the Messiah. The secret note said: “With regard to the letters that make up the name of the Messiah, he rose NATION and prove that his word and law is invalid. I signed it in the month of mercy. Yitzhak Kaduri ”

This proposal is in Hebrew (translated above in capital letters) with the hidden name of the Messiah in it reads: Yarim Ha “Am Veyohiah Shedvaro Vetorato Omdim.

The first letters are the Hebrew name Yeshua, Yehoshua. Yehoshua and Yeshua — is almost the same name, derived from the same root in Hebrew, the word “salvation”, as recorded in Zeharya 6:11 and Ezra 3:2. The same priest writes in Ezra, “Ben-Yeyshua Yotsadak,” and in the book Zeharyi “Yehoshua son Yeotsadaka.” The priest adds the holy abbreviation of God’s name, ho, in the father’s name Yotsadak and Yeyshua name.

Reaction to death note

Associates have long been told that Rabbi Kaduri had visions, during which he spoke with the Messiah. But when the letter opened, then shocked. After the Messiah’s name sounded like Yeshua — Jesus. The entire Israeli press, actively writing about the funeral of a rabbi, though now his mouth with water gathered. On the discovery announced only a few Hebrew-speaking newspapers and portal «Israel Today».

“I do not want to question the authority of the late rabbi, but in this case a lot of dubious — said Rabbi Jacob Moshe Poupko of Jerusalem. — Yeshua — a popular name among the Jews, and it is unclear what kind of Yeshua in this case is about. This is not necessarily the gospel Jesus. ”

Of the supporters of the late Rabbi believe that this letter — fake. According to 80-year-old son, Rabbi David Kaduri, his father in the last years of his life was in such poor shape that I could not write anything yourself. However, the very David Kaduri confirmed that last year, his father said, and dreamed almost exclusively about the Messiah and his coming. “My father saw the Messiah in a vision — he said — and told us that he would come soon.”

Two former employees of a rabbi, which is associated with a web portal «Israel Today», also confirmed the authenticity of the will. They remembered Kaduri was sure the imminent coming of the Messiah.

“People think about how it sounds name of the Messiah. To many it is well known, but they do not believe it — the Messiah “- often said the rabbi.

Sensational information has caused shock in Israel. “Does this means that equal Kaduri to Christianity? ‘” Christians rejoice sing and dance “- the phrases appeared on many online forums.

“This is actually good news, — said John Vennari, editor of the conservative American magazine« Catholic Family News ». — But if the Jews do not know the Messiah, who was among them, they are unlikely to believe in it now. ”

“All this is truly amazing. Maybe the rabbi and asked, but maybe he was referring to some other Yeshua — told «Rzeczpospolita» Professor Seth Kunin of the British University of Durham. — Despite the fact that in reality meant the rabbi, all this is unlikely to have serious consequences. Jews and Christians bicker about whether Jesus Messiah for over 2000 years, and no letter rabbi, even the most reputable, does not change anything. ”

When the name of Yehoshua appeared in Kaduri’s message, ultra-Orthodox Jews in Nahalat Yitzhak Yeshiva (seminary) in Jerusalem, disputed this, saying that their teacher did not leave the exact solution for decoding the Messiah’s name.

In an interview with Israel Today Rabbi David Kaduri, the 80-year-old son of Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, denied that his father left a note before he died with the name of Yeshua. “It’s not, he wrote,” — he said when we showed him a copy of the note. When we told Rabbi Kaduri that his father’s official website ( mentioned the Messiah note, he was shocked: “Oh no! This is blasphemy. People may think that my father pointed to him [the Messiah of Christians]. ”

Israel Today access many rabbis manuscripts, written in his own hand, exclusively for students. Most striking was the fact that on each page Kaduri painted symbols like the cross. In Jewish tradition, one does not use crosses. In fact, even the plus sign is not recommended to use, because it can be mistakenly taken as a cross. But they were there, drawn by the rabbi himself. When asked about the meaning of these symbols, Rabbi David Kaduri said it “marks an angel.” When we went to try to find what the “signs Angel”, he replied that he has no idea. Rabbi David Kaduri went on and explained that only his father had had a spiritual relationship with God, and met the Messiah in his dreams.

Orthodox Jews in Nahalat Yitzhak Yeshiva few weeks later, after reading the note said the newspaper Israel Today, the story about the secret note of Rabbi Kaduri should not appear at all, and it damaged the name of revered old sage.


The oldest Israeli Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, calls Jews around the world to return to Israel to escape the natural disasters that threaten the world.

During the classes, which equals spent in his yeshiva and Maarivom between Mincha (afternoon and evening prayers), he said: “I am making this statement, and I want it to be heard around the world. Jews must return immediately to Israel as world threatened by the terrible natural disaster. In the future, the Holy One, blessed be His Name, nashlet terrible natural disasters on countries to facilitate the trial of the Land of Israel.

I order to publish this statement as a warning to Jews in other countries around the world have realized the impending danger, and returned to the Land of Israel for the construction of the Temple and the phenomena of our righteous Moshiach (Messiah). ”

Rabbi Kaduri also said that the new Jewish year will be the “mystery and revelation” in the world. Jewish year 5766 begins on the evening October 3 The rabbi explained that the Hebrew lettering “Tav”, “tire”, “Sameh”, “Vav” indicates the nature of the coming year. This will be the year of mystery (“SOD” — the letter “Sameh”) and revelation (“vgiluy” — the letter “vav”).

The correspondent of “Arutz-7,” Yehoshua Meiri, who conducted the interview with Rabbi Kaduri, recorded his words, gave the rabbi to read, and Rabbi Kaduri has signed the document.

Rav Kaduri sent his aides to Prime Minister Sharon on the eve of departure to Washington, he called for the repatriation of the Jews.

According to Meiri, he published a statement signed by Rabbi Ariel Sharon after delivering a speech in the UN, where he must appeal to the Diaspora Jews calling for repatriation.

Rav Kaduri predicted great misfortunes that befall the world. Two weeks before the tsunami hit Southeast Asia, Rabbi Kaduri told “Yediot Ahronot”: “We are now in the fourth year of what is called the seven-year period of redemption, according to the calculations of the Vilna Gaon. In the next three years we will be in a state of complete uncertainty, if we do not prepare for the coming of the Messiah. Mashiach already in Israel. The fact that people think that probably will not happen, will happen, and what will happen to disappoint us. But in the end, there will be peace in the world. World mitigated through strict justice. In the world anticipated the great tragedy, and that the Jews should know, going to the East. But our enemies can not defeat us in the Land of Israel, “fear and trembling to cover them.”

A week before the interview Rabbi Kaduri said: “We can save the world from harm through true repentance of the Jews, who should be more kindness and goodwill to each other. Cry poor and the expulsion of Jews from their homes shakes the foundations of peace. Completely accidental blow came to the place where our people have gone in pursuit of worldly temptations.

Rabbi Kaduri told his disciples that the current government will be the last government of “old age.” According to him, Sharon will be the last prime minister of Israel, and the new government will be the leadership of the Messianic suicide note and ordered him to open the year after his death. It turned out that, in the opinion of Rabbi Kaduri, name of the Messiah — Joshua (??).

Rav passed away January 8, 2006. The last way to saw off all the major rabbis and Israeli policy, as well as hundreds of thousands of followers.

UK’s Independent reports today:
Ariel Sharon in ‘critical condition’: Former Israeli Prime Minister’s health deteriorates further as blood infection detected


The 85-year-old is experiencing multi-organ failure and has a blood infection, the hospital treating him has confirmed

The health of the former Israeli Prime Minister Arial Sharon is deteriorating further, in a situation that hospital staff said does not “give good signs for the future”.

The director of the hospital treating the 85-year-old has confirmed that Mr Sharon’s key organs continued to decline on Friday, but he is not in pain.

He is currently surrounded by his family who were called to his bedside yesterday.

Dr Zeev Rotstein, the director of Tel Hashomer hospital where he has been treated for the past eight years, said Mr Sharon’s life remains in dangers and that “there is a slow and gradual deterioration” in his condition, including multi-organ failure.

Test results also show that Mr Sharon also has a blood infection.

Ariel Sharon in ‘critical condition’: Former Israeli Prime Minister’s ‘life in danger’

Mr Sharon has been in a coma for eight years after he suffered an incapacitating stroke at the peak of his career.

After initially spending months in a Jerusalem hospital, Sharon was transferred to the long-term care facility at Tel Hashomel. He was taken home briefly at one point but was returned several days later to the hospital, where he has been in a persistent vegetative state since.

“Looking at the trend of deterioration, it doesn’t give us good signs for the future,” Dr Rotstein said, adding that Mr Sharon: “is fighting like a real fighter, as he did all his life.”

During his tenure as one of Israel’s most famous former generals, Mr Sharon was known for bold his tactics and an occasional refusal to obey orders.

As a politician, he earned the nickname “the bulldozer” as he was seen as being contemptuous of critics while capable of getting things done.

Elected as prime minister in 2001, by mid-2005 he had directed a unilateral withdrawal of Israeli troops and settlers from the Gaza Strip, which ended a 38-year-long military control of the territory.

He later bolted from his hard-line Likud Party and established the centrist Kadima Party.

It seemed he was on his way to an easy re-election when he suffered the stroke in January 2006.

Sharon’s long coma and critical health state made a good case for conspiracy theories.

Already a few years ago, Biblesearchers asked: “(…) Could it be that they keep Ariel Sharon in a coma to avoid the return of the Messiah ???”

The Independent

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Predictions And Prophecies: I. The Amazing Prophecies of Benjamín Parravicini


Coming events cast their shadows forward.
– Johann W. von Goethe


This is the story of a most unassuming modern prophet – Benjamín Solari Parravicini (BSP) – who was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1898, and died in 1974 at the age of 76. He was a painter and sculptor, and came from a traditional and well-to-do family. He held various posts with the Buenos Aires Municipal Arts Department; nothing particularly memorable nor exceptional about his social and professional life. He was a quiet, discrete and kindly person. Leading a low-profile life, he would have remained almost totally unknown to the world were it not for the fact that he had the uncanny gift of being able to peer into the future.
With time, Benjamín Solari Parravicini – ‘Pelón’ as his friends nicknamed him – has become widely known both inside and outside his native Argentina because of the “messages,” as he called them, he received from his “Guardian Angel” about coming events.
Contrary to what some in Argentina and elsewhere would have us believe, true to his unassuming style BSP never said he had “mystic visions” nor that the future appeared to him as a burning bush of divine inspiration. Nothing of the sort: he would suddenly become inspired by a feeling, and his Guardian Angel would send him one of many “messages” that he felt compelled to draw in pencil or charcoal in the simplest of forms; mostly as just one continuous line producing an image often rather naïve, to which he would add his written “explanation.”
In this way, BSP fashioned and shaped more than 700 prophetic “messages” that mostly relate to transcendental and dramatic events affecting the world of his time and after his time, many of which are centred on his native Argentina.
Most of these messages were revealed to him in the 1940s and 1950s, but he continued to receive them until just before his death in the 1970s. As with most prophetic lore, both the images and the prose are, for the most part, enigmatic. That is until passing events make them become clearer – often crystal clear.
[PLEASE NOTE: Images for this article (drawn by BSP) can be viewed in the downloadable version of this issue of New Dawn magazine.]
Such is also the case with other prophetic literature as the quadrants of Nostradamus, the papal prophecies of St. Malachy of Armagh in Ireland, and of other more modern sages from Edgar Cayce to Jean Dixon.
The interesting thing about BSP is that each message carries both a visual symbolic sketched drawing that speaks primarily to our emotions and intuition, whilst the written prose – normally set down by him afterwards when fully awake – speaks more to our intellect. No doubt, a good combination for today’s mindset where our worldview of reality is so heavily biased towards the intellectual. BSP gives us a more balanced appraisal of these messages both in their unconscious content – perhaps messages from the Collective Unconscious – and how he felt they could be intellectually “aligned” to make sense in today’s “real world.”
Thus, with time his “psychographies” – as he called these images and texts – were found to predict many highly dramatic events of the modern world: the fall of Hitler and Mussolini after World War II, the rise of Castro in Cuba, satellite communications, the destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City, artificial heart transplants, the atomic bomb…
Many of BSP’s messages refer to Argentina for which in 1971 he envisioned miseries and mishaps at a national level; he saw a great falling down and went so far as to warn that Argentina would suffer its own bloody “French Revolution” that may sink it into severe turmoil unless Argentineans recognise and accept “The Grey Man” who will someday hopefully place Argentina back on the right track from which it has strayed so very far. If that does finally happen, then he envisions Argentina and South America in general as a “beacon for the whole world” after the coming catastrophes of artificial and natural origins envisioned by so many.
Much has been written about what he meant by “The Grey Man” – el Hombre Gris. An unknown social or political reformer? A metaphor for the middle class? The common working man and woman? No one knows although in today’s decadent Argentina one thing is sure: this reforming political figure has definitely not shown up yet!

The Collection of Psychographies

The author of this article was lucky to have been a friend of Sigurd von Wurmb and his kindly wife, Ana María, who were long acquainted with BSP from his early years. After BSP’s death they received a good part of his psychographies, many of which von Wurmb catalogued and then published in four volumes released through the local Kier Publishing House in Buenos Aires. Regrettably, Sigurd von Wurmb passed away in January 2007, however he left a very good and sequential account of what BSP’s work was all about; a website dedicated to him (in Spanish) can be accessed at
Today, Ms Bibiana Bryson, with whom the author is acquainted, continues that work and is also custodian to another sizeable portion of BSP’s psychographies. She manages an excellent and authoritative website ( on BSP in which she publishes information and research done on his work, as well as new interpretations based on major world events as they unfold.

The Cross Symbol

As to the source of his knowledge, BSP spoke of “superior beings” who made known to him their grave concern over the future of mankind. Notably, he spoke of José de Aragón, a monk-like figure he considered his Guardian Angel, who egged him on to draw and speak to future generations. He even told him to draw a symbol to inspire the “New Humanity” that, even now, is being born and will carry Man to superior levels of consciousness, a wholesome life, and harmonious alignment with constructive cosmic forces. He called that symbol “Cruz Orlada,” i.e., the “Trimmed Cross,” whose mystic symbolism Brother Aragón one night dictated to BSP as follows:
“Very simply, dear son, because God is the Universe and the universe is circular, thus we have that God is a Circle; thus God is Universal. The cross inside the Circle which can be plain or “trimmed” with flames, symbol of the Sun, and also of God – i.e., the God-Christ – shall be Love, Faith, Light; it is carried the heart of union… Send it to our brother Sigurd (von Wurmb) who can spread it through his pen in the press here and abroad…. Tell him the time of the Trimmed Cross has come.”

What Do the Psychographies Mean?

On her website, Ms Bryson admonishes all to be cautious regarding alleged “meanings” and “interpretations” of BSP’s messages. She points out one such case making the rounds on the Internet that some say may refer to a catastrophic event about to take place during the up-coming London Olympic Games which we will refer to in this article.
As Sigurd von Wurmb and Ms Bryson aptly point out, “BSP did not go into any trance, and all interpretations of his drawings are the sole responsibility of the persons making them, and should not be ascribed to BSP himself.” Von Wurmb said that BSP considered himself “a messenger, a channel of higher voices,” bent on warning man of impending perils and guiding him upwards. “BSP must not be forced into a circle of sensationalism, especially since there are serious and respected researchers into his life’s work.” These researchers include Ana María von Wurmb, Pedro Romaniuk, and Ms Bryson herself amongst others.
One of the most striking examples is a “psychography” that clearly references the World Trade Center attacks of 2001, both regarding the image and the text which says, “North America’s Light of Liberty shall lose its shine; its torch shall not illuminate as it did yesterday, and the monument shall be twice attacked.” This psychography is dated 1939, almost thirty years before the Twin Towers were even built.
Others from the 1930s carry texts announcing the coming Atomic Age:
“The atom shall come and reign supreme” (1938), and how that relates to the increasing chaos after World War II, “The atom shall dominate the world; the world shall be atomised and will be blinded. There will be storms caused by man’s excursions into the atmosphere, new illnesses, the sexes shall be perverted and confused; collective madness, total chaos. The world shall become dark” (1934).
About today’s mixed-up world he further stated back then, “The man-woman shall be a reality and will have two phases, by bisexual birth and through ancestry…. Medical doctors will operate and successfully, but the man-woman shall not be until 1970” (1937).
“All goodness shall disappear from the World. Robbery and crime shall take over. The purity of creatures shall be corrupted by evil example in denaturalised homes. Marriages shall wane; lovers shall be admired all the same. Men shall cease seduction; women shall seduce” (1934). An undated message believed to be from the thirties says, “666. BLIND WORLD. The world seduced by evil shall fall.”
On a more political stance, “A power race between Yankees and Russians shall take place. They shall race for space and land. It might not seem so, but America will prevail” (1941).
Another message dated 1938, that many interpret as referring to the fall of Paris to the Germans in June 1940, reads as follows: “The Heart of the World shall fall in 1940; and shall be German until 1944.”
A more poignant one from 1938 – as the world watched a seemingly unstoppable Hitler and his ally Mussolini grow in power – reads: “Hitler – Mussolini. With the same ends; the same ending.” It shows a defeated Mussolini tied to Hitler’s back.
Then, there’s one from 1937 that seems to refer to Cuba’s Fidel Castro: “Bearded Head; that will seem holy but shall not be so and will inflame the Antilles.”
Regarding the decadence of the Catholic Church, he issued several warnings of bad things to come: “The Church shall err in its steps and its own leaders will falsify things” (late 1930s).
Alluding to the Vatican Council II, BSP warned, “The papacy shall have new norms. What was evil until yesterday shall cease to be so. Mass shall be protestant, without specifically saying so. Protestants shall be Catholics, without saying so.”
In a clear reference to the last popes of our times, notably John Paul II, BSP said, “The Pope shall leave the Vatican in his travels and reach America whilst mankind falls” (1938).
Another message from 1938 with a different kind of theme reads, “The heart shall be artificial in 1966.” In part, this tallies very closely in time to South African surgeon Dr. Christian Barnard’s first successful heart transplant in history.

The 2012 London Olympics

Then there are two psychographies which some claim point to the 2012 Olympics. The first has a series of images that not only relate to the Olympics but also bear similarities to a map of the main Olympic site in London when its image is superimposed upon it.
This message set down in 1972 shows the 114.5-metre tall spiralling sculpture designed by Indian artist Anish Kapoor and called the “ArcelorMittal Orbit.” It lies in Olympic Park and according to the BBC is 22-metres higher than New York’s Statue of Liberty.
There is also the 27-ton Olympic Bell that is much bigger than Big Ben’s as well as the Olympic Torch. Alarmingly, it shows a scythe, traditionally a Saturnian symbol of the Reaper of Death. The associated text in the message says, “Fire, Hunger, Plague, Death are rung by the bell nearing the world; but the world does not yet see or hear. The darkness of the dragon which seemed asleep, draws nigh. The terror of the bear that mocked love and brotherhood. The hour of the humble democrat who never was humble, and with him comes poverty, homelessness and, with them, all the explosions of dissolution. Darkness comes and, after that, Light from the South. And the Cross!”
The dragon is widely used as a symbol of England and Wales. Might the bear refer to Russia and the Slavs? The hypocrisy of “democrats” is a global phenomenon nowadays.
The other psychography that might point to the London Olympics was composed in 1938 and comes from Ms Bryson’s private archive. It seems to show a series of symbols and images of London, Britain and the Olympics, and carries an ominous message: “The Hour of Great Tribulation has Come!”
It too seems to show Big Ben, a jagged outline of the Olympic Stadium, English flags (a cross) and even the one-eyed Olympic mascot.

Still to Come?

Below is a small sample of Benjamín Solari Parravicini’s other prophecies that have not come to pass yet, and if proven true will have unprecedented impact on Mankind…
“The ugliness and deformity with which ‘extra-terrestrials’ are shown is human fantasy. That does not exist” (1972).
“Obelisks on the moon shall one day speak and shall destroy the voice of man” (1972).
“The seven-circular-step lunar crater shall reveal its secret to mankind” (late thirties).
“Interplanetary vessels come to earth in PEACE” (1960).
“Earthbound civilisation includes a lost civilisation that was far superior to the ones that followed it…” (1960).
“The interplanetary amphibious vessels shall show us the existence of inhabitable Canals inside the Earth. They shall submerge in the South Pole only to reappear in the North Pole in a matter of seconds!!” (1960).
“In view of the many visits from extra-terrestrial vessels, science will first deny, then doubt, and finally shall say ‘It is true!’ And our wisdom shall stay behind. They have been watching and contemplating us for centuries” (1940).
“There shall appear flying high above in circles of light, bringing alien beings from other planets. Yes, they are the ones who came to populate Earth and it shall be well told. Yes! Those called angels in the Old Testament, or the voice of Jehovah, shall again appear and they shall be seen and Heard” (1938).


Many predictions refer to BSP’s native Argentina and have so far proven grimly accurate:
“RA. Argentine Republic must ready itself to suffer. They shall have some thugs that will reduce the country to a fascist-style communism. Death shall run through streets and roads” (1938). To many, the author included, a reflection of today’s Argentina under the corrupt Kirchner government and the increasing violence of all sorts that their erred policies have triggered throughout the country.
“On its new Constitution, breaking with prior norms, a tall mountain of evil figures shall arise. All of them will cover their hidden agendas behind their make-believe masks” (1940). In 1994, Argentina sanctioned a new Constitution with dire results as it has given the corrupt political party system a veritable monopoly over political power.
Since then, successive administrations have gone from bad to worse, starting with the corrupt Carlos Menem government (1994-1999), followed by the grossly failed Fernando De la Rúa government that dumped the country into an abyss of chaos (1999-2001), the ignorant interim administration of Eduardo Duhalde (2002-2003) and finally today’s grossly corrupt and perverse Néstor and Cristina Kirchner administrations (2003 to date).
In more general terms, he foresaw that, “Argentina shall suffer on a small scale, what shall later hit the World. It shall set an example!” (1938).
There is much truth to the first part of this message, as the unprecedented financial and social collapse Argentina went through in 2001/2004, triggered by its Sovereign Debt default, gave the global banking money masters a practical opportunity on how to macro-manage a full-fledged collapse and not only get away with it, but also make a huge profit out of it.
Argentina was used as a sort of “leading case” and ten years later the banksters are now applying those lessons they learned from Argentina in countries like Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy and others.
When times are troubled as they are today, we would do well to lend an ear to what the very few prophets still left are saying. Their messages might be hard to unravel but they hold warnings and guidelines that we would certainly do well to heed.
It’s certainly worth listening to Benjamín Solari Parravicini as many of his hundreds of prophetic messages are yet to be fulfilled. Interestingly for those of us living in the Southern Hemisphere, an idea that runs through many of BSP’s messages is his belief that Salvation shall come from the South. In a similar tone wrote Chilean diplomat Miguel Serrano, in line with many Europeans and North Americans who, despairing at today’s materialistic world that is falling apart at the seams, have also looked Southwards for a true renewal.

Source: Newsdawn Magazine

Apocalypse 2012: One Year After

Hugdablog.comOne year after the apocalypse that never happened, there are basically three types of people: those who never believed that there would have been anything special on December 21, 2012 and find it just great that their ideas were confirmed; those who believed in an apocalypse that day and want to forget about it as quickly as possible; and those who insist that the mythical end date did indeed herald a new era to be welcomed.

2012 was the year of changes, the year of revolts, very much expressed in the Occupy Wallstreet movement; it was also the year of UFO sightings, and a year when thousands of people thought that something really special was going to happen, either catastrophic or positive: a new consciousness was predicted for mankind. The “Galactic Federation of Light” channeled lots of messages, and some people believed that extraterrestrial beings who had once visited Earth, were about to come back and give mankind a new consciousness, in a bad or a good way.

The hype was based on an alleged Maya prophecy that predicted the “end of the world as we know it” for the day of 4 Ahaw, which corresponds, according to the most accepted calendar correlation, to December 21, 2012. That was also the day when one of the Mayan calendars, the so called long count calendar, would end – this was the interpretation. The inscription of a  stele in Tortuguero, an excavation site in Tabasco, Mexico, shows a message for the Day of 4 Ahaw: “The thirteenth baktun will end on 4 Ajaw, the 3rd Uniiw [3 K’ank’in]. (Everything) will become black. The descendent Bolon Yokte’ K’uh will become the big (or red)… )…[unreadable]

tortuguero stele markvanstone.comStele 6, the “Mayan endtime prophecy”

This was the base of the alleged Maya prophecy.

However, the stele is not actually Mayan. It was dated back to 700 BC and belongs therefore to an earlier Mesoamerican culture.

It has to be said that the date was calculated with the so called GMT correlation – a correlation between the Mayan and the Gregorian calendar which is today the most accepted one. But there are many others which might be closer to the truth. So if the “Mayan prophecy” didn’t happen, maybe it was only because the date was badly calculated? Maybe we have to fear for the predicted apocalypse in the future?

In the following text, based on the work on Maurice Cotterell, we’ll analyze the myths of 2012 and see how much remains from the actual apocalyptic prophecy at all, and whether we have to expect the missing events some when in the future.

Part 1

Myth number 1; It is said that the Maya measured time using a ‘vigesimal numerical system’;

The Maya used the following periods of time with which to measure time intervals;

















This is not a Vigesimal System. A Vigesimal system rises by factors of 20

A Vigesimal system looks like this;









Conclusion: The Maya did not use a Vigesimal system.

Myth number 2; The Maya ‘Long Count’ of 1,872,000 days (5,125.256674 years) is the ‘end of a Maya time cycle’ that began in 3114BC and will end on 21.12. 2012.

1,872,000 days = 13 periods of 144,000 days

























But the definition of  ‘cycle’ is ‘a complete series of events’. A complete series of events here could only transpire when all of the time periods (including those marked ‘?’) return to zero. The period 1,872,000 cannot therefore represent a cycle or the ‘end of a cycle’. At best it can only be considered to be 13/20ths of the Pictun, the next largest period.

Conclusion; 1,872,000 cannot represent a ‘cycle’ of time and therefore cannot represent the end of a cycle of time.

Myth number 3; The period 1,872,000 is the ‘longest time interval’ found carved on a Maya monument and therefore represents the ‘end of time’ or the ‘end of the Maya Calendar’.

This is not true. Other carved dates have been found that exceed 1,872,000, for example;

On Stela N, at Copan, six periods, including the Pictun, have been found, showing a period of 42,908,400 days.

On the west Panel at the Temple of Inscriptions, at Palenque, six (possibly seven) periods are found showing an interval of 455,393,401 days.

On Stela 10, at Tikal, eight (possibly nine) periods are found showing a time interval of 1,841,639,800 days.

Conclusion; The number 1,872,000 representing the date  ? ? ? 13 0 0 0 0, is neither ‘the end of time’ nor the ‘end of the Maya Calendar’.

precession_1, httpoceanworld.tamu.eduMyth number 4; The 21st December 2012 is the ‘end date’ of the 25,800 year precession cycle.
The cycle of precession refers to the long-term wobble of the Earth on its axis. As it wobbles it moves backwards through [relative to] the backdrop of stars known as the astronomical and astrological ‘zodiac’. But the Astrological zodiac, relative to the Earth’s movement through the heavens in one year, begins with the ‘first sign of the zodiac’, Aries, and ends on the last day of Pisces. The backwards precession cycle therefore moves from the last day of Pisces to the first day of Aries over 25,800 years. The Sun, therefore, sweeps through each sign of the zodiac every 2,150 years. We are soon to enter the zodiacal sign of Aquarius, although the exact date of entry is not known [estimates, from various researchers, range from AD2060 through to AD2100—we do know that when Thebes was the centre of power in Egypt, Apis the bull (Taurus) was worshipped, suggesting that at that period the Earth’s axis was pointing towards the constellation of Taurus. 2,150 years later, at Luxor, the Ram headed Sphinx (of Aries) was worshipped. 2,150 years later Pisces the fish was revered with the appearance of Christ, represented by the vesica pisces, the fish, formed by the overlapping circles of the planet Venus (known as the morning star and the evening star)]. This is to say that the zodiac is presently moving from Pisces into Aquarius (not from Aries into Pisces). Hence, the Earth’s axis (precession cycle start) is not coincident with the zodiac ‘start point’ of Aries which occurred around 2,150 years ago and will not happen again for another 23,650 years. Therefore the Earth’s axis will not, in 2012, point towards the ‘start’ of a new precession cycle as defined in zodiacal terms.
Conclusion; The precession cycle is not about to come to an end of a cycle. The most recent precession cycle began around 2,150 years ago as the Earth’s axis passed from Aries through Pisces. [1/12th of the precession cycle has already passed].

Myth number 5; The Earth’s precession cycle will cross the galactic equator at sunrise on 21st December 2012.

The original proponent of this hypothesis, set-down in 1997, suggested that the Sunrise on 21st December 2012 will, as it drifts through the 25,800 year precession cycle, align with a ‘cloud of cosmic dust’ in the Milky Way. This entire concept is meaningless because the rising of the Sun must align with something in the heavens on any one day.

Following ridicule of the claim, proponents searched long and hard for any astronomical evidence that may lend support. Shortly after, another researcher drew a line through the ecliptic of the Milky Way (which happened to also go through the cloud of ‘alignment dust’) claiming it to be the ‘the centre-line of the galactic ecliptic —the ‘galactic equator’—saying that the precession cycle would cut through the line in 1998. But, firstly, the line is merely a guess. It contains no mathematical support. In order to construct such a line the mass of every celestial body in the Milky Way (every star, every planet, every rock, every comet and every particle of cosmic dust) would need to be quantified by mass; each body would then need to be set down relative to every other; a linear regression of the data would need to be made and then a mass trend-line constructed. But such a task would be impossible to carry out. Moreover, the result of the centre-line guess showed that ‘galactic alignment’ would occur in 1998, not 2012. To overcome this 14-year discrepancy the 21.12.2012 alignment proponents introduced a margin of error saying that the Sun would take 36 years to cross the centre-line, representing ‘era-2012’, from 1980-2016.

Hence, the ‘cloud of dust’ alignment hypothesis is irrational, the ‘centre-line of the galaxy’ hypothesis is non-quantifiable, and the alignment with the centre of the galaxy on 21.12.2012 has changed to sometime between ‘1980–2016’.

Moreover, the entire notion fails because no physical ‘cycle’ of events has been shown to occur during the precession cycle [for example, one solar ‘cycle’ on Earth occurs as the earth revolves around the Sun once every year. As that happens the duration of daylight at specific latitudes varies, because the Earth is tilted on its axis. The variations in daylight cause plant life to grow and die annually]. No scientific evidence of any ‘series of changes’ has been put forward by proponents of the ‘galactic cycle alignment hypothesis’.

Conclusion; The galactic alignment hypothesis is without scientifically verifiable foundation.

Myth Number 6; On the 21st December 2012 ‘Myth number 5’ (above) will usher in a new 25,800 year cycle  of ‘consciousness’.

No scientifically verifiable mechanism has been proven to substantiate this claim.

Conclusion; the claim is without foundation.

Myth Number 7; Cosmic dust eruptions from the centre of the Milky Way cause ice-ages on Earth.

The claim is that the centre of our galaxy spews out dust periodically that covers the Earth periodically, causing the onset of ice-ages and mini ice-ages on Earth. However, we know that the Sun’s neutral magnetic sheet reverses its magnetic field 5 times every 18,139 years. When the magnetic field is positive is sucks galactic dust into the solar system and when it is negative it pushes dust out of the solar system (or vice versa). We know that Sunspot cycles correspond to mini ice-ages on Earth. Hence, it is not the dust that causes mini ice-ages (or ice ages) on Earth but the Sun’s reversing magnetic field. The dust is merely symptomatic of the solar reversal ice-age mechanism.

Conclusion; the claim is unproven.
Myth number 8; Cosmic dust bombards the solar system causing variations in thought processes and DNA in living organisms.

No scientifically verifiable mechanism has been put forward to support this hypothesis.

Conclusion; the claim has not been verified.

So how did the misunderstanding over the number 1,872,000 arise, in connection with apocolyptic prophecy in 2012?

The Book of Chilam [the Prophet] Balam  [the Jaguar] of Chumayel [found in the town of Chumayel]  was set down by the Maya prophet in around 1500 – 1520 and translated from the Maya language in 1931 by the American scholar Ralph Roys (University of Oklahoma Press, 1931…1937). (Note; the term Jaguar was used as a metaphor for the ‘golden sun with brown spots [sunspots])’. Page 134 gives the following prophecies;

Unattainable is the bread in Katun 13 Ahau. The Sun shall be eclipsed. Double is the charge of the Katun: men without offspring, chiefs without successors. For five days the Sun shall be eclipsed, then it shall be seen again. This is the charge of Katun 13 Ahau’.

But how are we to interpret the statement?
A Katun period is 7,200 days long.
Ahau is the last (20th) day in the Maya 20 day month.

Does the statement mean Katun     13 Ahau?
=       Katun     13 x 20 = Katun   260   =   7,200 x 260 = 1,872,000 = 5,125.25 years.
Which, if counted forward from the Maya Calendar Start date in 3114BC brings
us to the 2012 date.

Or does it mean  Katun13   Ahau? i.e. the last day called Ahau in Katun numbered 13 = 13 x 7,200 = 93,600 = 256.2628 years.

The Books of Chilam Balam make it clear  (Appendix H p205) that;

‘…the Katun is named for the day on which it ends’

Meaning that Katun 13 Ahau refers to (ii) ‘the last day of Katun 13’, i.e. the 93,600th day

And goes on (p204) to list the dates of Katun 13 Ahau as;

AD 511
1536 the list can be continued by adding 256.2628 years to the accumulating figures;

Clearly, ‘… Double was not charge’ of any of these dates…’men were not without offspring… chiefs were not without successors’ and ‘the Sun was not eclipsed for 5 days’ in any of the years listed here. So here we have a contradiction. If we interpret the prophecies in Chilam Balam according to the 256-year dates given in Chilam Balam then the prophecies are clearly wrong, moreover, 2012 does not appear in the list.

The 21.12. 2012 doomsday proponents thus select the data that suits their purpose. They chose interpretation (i), the number 1,872,000, because it ends in 2012 but, at the same time, cite the prophecies of Chilam Balam that refer to (ii). A case, if ever there was one, of running with the fox and hunting with the hounds.

And then, unable to show any scientific mechanism to substantiate the prophecies of Chilam Balam, they change the prophecies to suit themselves saying;

‘The Maya used a vigesimal system’. Not true.
‘The Maya number 1,872,000 is the end of a Maya Cycle’. Not true.
‘The number 1,872,000 is the highest number carved in the inscriptions’. Not true.
‘2012 is the end of the Precession cycle’. Not true.
‘The Solar system will cross the Galactic ecliptic on 21st Dec 2012’. Not proven’.
‘2012 will usher in a new cycle of consciousness’. Not proven.
‘Cosmic dust incursions cause ice ages’. Not proven.
‘Cosmic Dust causes a shift in consciousness’. Not proven.

So why did the Maya use periods of time to measure time?
Why did their calendar begin in 3114BC, 3,000 years before the Maya appeared on Earth?
Why did they [all but] die-out in around AD740?
What were they trying to tell us?
Why did they worship the number 1,366,560 (the rebirth of Venus)?
Why did they use a 260-day ‘ceremonial calendar’?
Why did they worship the Sun as the god of astrology and the god of fertility?
From whom, or where, did they acquire their super-knowledge of the Sun and spirituality?
What is the meaning of the 1,872,000 day ‘Long Count’ period?

Part 2

The word ‘Maya’ is found in ancient Indian Sanskrit and means ‘illusion’. The Maya of Central America appeared firstly in the stone-built city of Teotihuacan in around 100BC and died out (for the most part) in around AD740. It is clear that the leader of the Maya, Lord Pacal, was a supernatural being who set down his super-knowledge of science and spirituality in the treasures of the Maya; their stone carvings, jewellery, paintings, architecture and calendrical system. He was buried in his tomb in the Pyramid of Inscriptions at the Maya ceremonial centre in Palenque in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico in around AD740 aged around 42. His treasures reveal that; he was conceived through an immaculate conception; when he was born a bright star appeared in the sky; when he lived he performed miracles; and when he died he became the planet Venus, the brightest and purest source of light in the heavens, also referred to by ancient civilisations as the ‘twin-star’ because sometimes it can be seen in the morning, as the morning star, and (292 days later in its orbit around the Sun) in the evening, as the evening star. The last page of the Bible says this ‘I Jesus… am the root and offspring of David, and the bright and morning star [Venus; the bright evening star and the morning star]’ (Revelation 12:16).

The stories in his treasures say that he was born before, as Lord Krishna, of the Hindu, Tutankhamun, of  Egypt, Lord Buddha, of India, Chin Shi Huang Di, of China, Jesus, of Nazareth, Lord Pacal, of Mexico and the Viracochas’, the legendary white Gods who walked the lands of Peru in ancient times performing miracles. Indeed, the name Pacal appears to derive etymologically from the Christian Catholic word Pascal (meaning Easter) that itself is derived from the word Passover (referring to the period during which Jesus was Crucified).

This may sound extraordinary to the newcomer, but the stories, encoded using pictures and numbers, from so many different sources—stone carvings, jewellery, paintings, architecture and calendrical system—are unequivocal in the messages they convey suggesting that they were encoded by a sophisticated intelligence not of this world, one that can best be described as ‘miraculous’.

We must keep this in mind when attempting to understand what the Maya were trying to convey through their astronomical observations of Venus and their choice of calendrical periods of time.

Apart from the calendrical periods of time already mentioned, the Maya used a 260-day ceremonial ‘astrological calendar’ and revered a special ‘super-number’ of 1,366,560 days that they referred to as the ‘Rebirth of Venus’. No orthodox researcher understands why the Maya calendar should have started on 10th August 3114BC—more than 3,000 years before the Maya appeared on the planet—or why they chose to revere the 3114BC date as the ‘birth of Venus’. However, in The Mayan Prophecies [Element Books Ltd, Shaftesbury, 1995] I showed how the Sun’s magnetic field shifted direction in 3114BC causing the planet Venus to turn upside down on its axis—Venus now spins on its axis backwards and its rate of spin has slowed to 243 Earth days (i.e. one day on Venus now takes 243 Earth-days to subsist). The planet Earth, being more distant from the Sun, did not topple on its axis at that time. The magnetic reversal though did affect life on Earth; I showed how the 28-day revolving Sun showers the Earth with charged particles that regulate the menstrual cycle and hence fertility on Earth; how the Sun determines personality of the foetus through genetic mutations at the moment of conception (Sun-sign Astrology); how an increase in solar rays causes miscarriage and spontaneous foetal abortion; and how Sunspot cycles cause mini ice-ages and periodic drought and famine, and sometimes pole-shifts. This is why the Maya worshipped the Sun as the God of Fertility and the God of Astrology and associated the cycles of the Sun with catastrophe cycles on Earth. I also showed, using a new method I named ‘rotational differentiation’, that the Sun’s solar magnetic field would again shift direction 1,366,040 days after the 3114BC event and, if the magnetic reversal was strong enough, cause Venus to topple once again—the rebirth of Venus. [The solar neutral sheet direction did indeed shift between AD627 +/- 187 years, but was not strong enough on that occasion to topple Venus off its axis; but it did cause the decline of the Maya through infertility, miscarriage, spontaneous foetal abortion, drought and famine].

The Maya monitored the heavens using visual observations of Venus, which takes 584 days to orbit the Sun once, when seen from Earth. These endless cycles of time are well documented in one of the Maya bark books, The Dresden Codex, that lists their super number ‘the rebirth of Venus’ as 1,366,560 days (2,340 complete orbits of the planet Venus)—the closest they could get (using whole numbers of Venus revolutions) to the true computer-calculated figure of 1,366,040 days (3,740 years). Notwithstanding, the true (exact) figure is given by one of their treasures ‘the sun-shield of Monte Alban’, a mosaic jade disc pierced by 4 arrows that carries 85 golden loops of thread around the perimeter (metaphorical magnetic sunspot loops) and 11 golden pendants from below; 4 x 11 x 85 = 3,740 (years). Proving that the Maya were aware of the true (computer calculated) magnetic reversal period of 1,366,040 days. They were using an astronomical constant, the solar neutral sheet magnetic reversal period, to tell us about the rebirth of Venus—but only as a metaphor to explain that they were referring to the rebirth of Jesus—that Lord Pacal, the priest-king leader of the Maya at that time, was the reincarnation of Jesus on Earth.

To understand just what the Maya were trying to tell us with their cycles of time we have to recognise the importance of the 260-day astrological calendar period, the 1,366,560-day period (the Maya rebirth of Venus number) and keep in mind that Lord Pacal was the rebirth of Venus, the metaphorical rebirth of Jesus, predicted to occur 1,366,040 days after Venus was born on 10th August 3114BC, the start of their calendar.

That this is so can be shown by examining some of the Maya treasures.

The 5-tonne limestone lid that covers the sarcophagus of Lord Pacal, in the Pyramid of Inscriptions, at Palenque, is the ‘Rosetta-Stone’ of Maya carving. The information contained in the lid–more than 100 stories explaining the meaning of Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, life, death, and the life and times of Lord Pacal–cannot be decoded without first finding two missing pieces of the lid. In the same way the Maya calendrical periods cannot be understood without first finding the two missing pieces, the numbers 260 and 1,366,560 (2,340 revolutions of Venus). We know this by analysing the Pyramid of Inscriptions. Before we see how this can be shown let’s return to the Maya number sequence and show that the Maya used a 360-degree based system, not a vigesimal system;

Maya time periods







151,581 days

divided by 360 =








At first these seem absurd. Why would anyone base a calendar on time periods that produce 421.0583 periods of time? The answer to this is simple; the Maya wished to use a base 360 system because they were interested in the orbital cycles of Venus (measured in angular degrees). But why 421.0583?

To understand this we need to visit the Pyramid of Inscriptions and count the steps of the front stairway. In The Supergods [Thorsons, London, 1997) I described how the front stairway comprises of 5 sections; the first (the lowest–ground floor) stairway contains 9 steps, the second13 steps, the third 19 steps, the fourth 19 steps the fifth (the highest) 9 steps. This represents the date 9 19 19 13 9. Set down against Maya time periods looks like this;











9 +

19 +

19 +

13 +



1,439,909 days


3,999.747222 cycles of 360

Examining firstly the decimal part of the number of cycles, .74222;

.74722 x 360 = 268.999

Here the Maya are telling us to ‘round-up’ the figure to 269. We know that the most important number for the Maya is their astrological calendar period of 260 days (the Sun’s equator revolves once every 26 days (on the surface of the Sun). 260 hence represents 10 revolutions of the Sun’s equator. The number 269 contains this important 260 day figure + 9. This tells us that if we wish to understand the treasures of the Pyramid of Inscriptions we need to keep in mind the numbers 260 and 9.

In The Tutankhamun Prophecies (Headline Books Ltd., London, 1999) I showed how the Maya left behind a numerical matrix of clues inside the Pyramid of Inscriptions; for example, 3 clay plates were found in a stone chest together with 3 red shells; the tomb door had 3 sides; Lord Pacal carried 3 jade beads (one in each hand and one in his mouth) and he wore a 3-tiered jade necklace. There were 4 steps down into the tomb, the dead man wore 4 jade rings on his right hand and 4 jade rings on his left hand, 4 pairs of holes were drilled into the paving stone that covered the concealed stairway and 4 cyclindrical plugs were used to fix the sarcophagus into position. All of the clues taken together produced the following numerical matrix;

                1          1            1            1                1
2          2            2            2                2
3          3            3            3                3
4          4            4            4                4
5          5            5            5                5
6          6            6            6                6
7          7            7            7                7
8          8            8            8                8
9          9            9            9                9

Decoding of the outside stairway (above) produced the numbers 260 and 9. The matrix, on first inspection, appears to take care of the 9*. But what about the 260? This tells us that in order to understand the Maya counting system we need to recognise the most important number (missing from the system). Inserting 260 into the time sequence gives;

          144,000   7,200     360       260             20
1          1            1            1                1  = 151,840 days
2          2            2            2                2     303,680
3          3            3            3                3     455,520
4          4            4            4                4     607,360
5          5            5            5                5     759,200
6          6            6            6                6     911,040
7          7            7            7                7     1,062,880
8          8            8            8                8     1,214,720
9          9            9            9                9     1,366,560 rebirth of Venus

Which they monitored using 2,340 whole revolutions of Venus [2340 x 584 = 1366560]
[*Note; the single digit column (1) is necessarily displaced due to the insertion of the 260 day column. The accrued error due to the omission thus becomes the displaced 9 [1 x 9], explicitly reconciling the missing number 9 from the 260 + 9  stairway figure. Moreover, the number 9 was worshipped by the Maya as a holy number and represented the number of a ‘Supergod’, for example as the reincarnation of Christ. 999 is the corollary of the number 666, the number of the beast mentioned in Revelation, and the highest number before becoming 1 [1,000] with God].
This tells us that the man in the tomb, Lord Pacal was associated with the number 1,366,560-day period. Lord Pacal was the ‘Rebirth of Venus’—the rebirth of Jesus. It tells us that the Maya used a 360-based calendar; that they understood the notion of 360 degrees to a circle (one orbit of Venus); that they understood the decimal point system (that 260 = 26 x 10) and that they understood the solar variables (the 26-day duration of rotation of the solar equator). How else could they convey this information to future peoples like ourselves. As the Bible says ‘knock and the door will be opened’ ‘ask and you shall receive’ (Mathew 7:7-8). He that searches for knowledge and wisdom shall be given knowledge and wisdom. The Popol Vuh, the 16th Century Maya holy book, begins and ends with the same statement…’the Popol Vuh cannot be seen anymore. It has been hidden from the searcher and the thinker (The Popol Vuh, University of Oklahoma Press, trans. D.Goetz & S.G.Morley, Wm. Hodge & Co 1947).

Returning to the outer stairway instruction number of 3,999.74222. The decimal part (.74722 x 360 = 260 + 9) has been resolved and we now need to address the number 3,999;

Using the same logic as before, we need to round up the number from 3,999 to 4,000.

4,000 x 360 = 144,000, the number of those who will be saved when the world ends;

I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, [North, South, West and East] holding the four winds of the Earth, that the wind should not blow on the Earth, nor on the sea nor on any tree. And I saw another angel ascending from the east having the seal of the living God: And he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the Earth, and the sea, saying “Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our god in their foreheads”. And I heard the number of them which were sealed; and there were sealed an hundred and forty four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel….’ (Revelation 7: 1-3)

That this is the correct interpretation of the messages of the Maya is supported by other decoded treasures of the Maya; the 5-tonne sarcophagus lid, when decoded, shows a picture of Lord Pacal carrying the number 144,000 written on his forehead, but only when the [two parts of the] decoded picture[s] are set to 14.4 degrees (see the picture with your own eyes on The decoded Mosaic Mask of Palenque shows pictures of Lord Pacal in his previous lives; The Mural of Bonampak shows that Lord Pacal’s mother conceived through an immaculate conception, carried ‘twins’ (the planet Venus) in her womb, gave birth in a stable and shows Lord Pacal with a cross made of two pieces of wood. The decoded Sun-shield of Monte-Alban tells the story of how Viracocha of Tiahuanaco, Bolivia, was the reincarnation of Jesus and reveals pictures of; God giving birth to Jesus, Jesus carrying the cross of Christianity across his forehead and Jesus dying on the cross and ascending to Heaven. And it shows that those who live for the body, for physical pleasure, find only death and darkness, whereas the 144,000, find eternal life. Nowhere in the decoded treasures of the Maya does the date of 21.12.2012 take centre stage, nowhere is it given any special status.

The Meaning of the 1,872,000 Long Count of days

The Venus interval the Maya used for the ‘Rebirth of Venus’ calculation is not precisely 584 days long, it is actually 583.92 days long. This means that every time they counted the 2,340 Venus intervals they finished up with an error of 2340 x .08 = 187.2 days. This is the basis for the so-called long count of 1,872,000. So why bring-up the number of 1,872,000, which is 10,000 times bigger than the error; to our attention?  Because Lord Pacal, the priest King leader of the Maya, wished to emphasise not only the importance of the 2,340 Venus interval period [the rebirth of Jesus] that resulted in the 187.2 day error, but he also wanted to bring to our attention the most important number of 144,000, the period of the Baktun, the number set-down by Jesus in the book of Revelations that says 144,000 will go to Heaven when the world ends. Only the long count contains both the numbers of 187.2 and 144,000. [1,872,000 is the lowest common denominator for the important numbers of 187.2 (the ‘Rebirth of Venus’) and 144,000 (the most important number mentioned by Jesus in the Bible)]. Lord Pacal was the rebirth (reincarnation) of Jesus.


Some commentators have suggested that because the same ‘religious story’ appears so often throughout history, the story itself must be a myth. Their reasoning goes like this; if you search the annals of history one particular story emerges time and time again over the past several thousand years:

A man, known as ‘the son of God’ came into the world through an ‘immaculate conception’. When he was born a bright star was seen in the sky. He was known as ‘light’ or ‘the enlightened one’. During his life he performed miracles. As he was dying he said he would ‘return’. When he died, he ascended to heaven and became the planet Venus, the purest and the brightest source of light in the heavens’.

Because the story appears so many times the ‘anti-religion proponents’ reason that the story must be myth, that he never actually lived and that he simply fills the need for an idealised figure of moral leadership in an otherwise immoral world. That is one interpretation, if you choose to exclude the evidence. But the evidence reveals the weakness in the argument. The fact is this, a man called Lord Pacal, who died in around AD740, fits this description perfectly. His bones were found in a pyramid in Palenque. The same goes for the bones of the legendary white Gods that walked the lands of Peru, in around AD350 and AD500, Viracocha and Viracocha Pachacamac, whose bones were found in the pyramids of Peru. The same goes for Tutankhamun, whose bones were found in a tomb in Egypt. So the conclusion reached does not stand up to examination. If different men, born at different times through history, came to Earth and told the same story, the story cannot be a myth. There is only one other rational possibility; the same spiritual energy has reincarnated from age to age bringing the same message to mankind. Ignore that at your peril.

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