“Think of it for a moment: if all people had the same quantity of goods available, would there be any possibility of control? Control is achieved through the fact that there are big differences in what people have available. The system of money only functions because there are the rich and the poor. We have achieved the ability to control this through a complicated banking system that controls every country’s wealth.” (The Brotherhood Manifesto)

“Think of it fo…


About the quotes

All quotes are taken from the novel “Mystica – The Beginning” (www.amazon.com/dp/B00D21IGDC).

The Mystica trilogy is more than a novel. Who knows, understands.Image


“Opposing elements to the system are eliminated, and with it also entire countries. Because it is certain that those who are not part of the wealthy part of the world population will occasionally get upset. This has to be enhanced and controlled at the same time – through conflict, war, catastrophe and disease.” (The Brotherhood Manifest)

“Opposing eleme…


“In this world, when there is something everybody is talking about, there’s usually something else being covered up. I have no idea what it might be in this case, but be aware that there are just a few pillars  supporting the whole political and economic structure of the world. Politically, we’re talking about the Western countries, Asia, and the Islamic world. Economically we’re talking about weapons, pharmaceutical industries and energy. If something happens, it is always because something covert  is being done in one or against one of these sectors.