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It is funny how, wenn you’re waiting for something, it certainly doesn’t appear while when you focus on other things, it comes all by itself. Well, of course I’m talking of things you desire, not the unpleasant stuff that you’re never been hoping for and that drills itself into your peaceful existence anyway.

Mystica was about to be released by a publisher who, however, went for a viral marketing that involved a certain dishonesty from my part towards people which is completely against my way of being. So I gave that up and was finally published by AK Digital – only on Kindle. This was a heavy step backwards and I had to swallow down all the consequences of it.

First of all, being published on Amazon without getting “married” to them, means not to have any kind of advertising unless you do it by yourself. imageAdvertising is expensive, and…

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“Non-stop excitement”

Non-stop excitement and entertainment. I couldn’t put this book down once I began the adventure. Can’t wait for the next 2 books of the Mystica Trilogy.. (R. Bruce Williams)

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The Cocktail…

“The cocktail: an adventurous lady, as contradictory as life itself; a mysterious object with a twist; a life-threatening task that leads the participants into the suggestive settings of the Amazonian rainforest; lethal pursuers; a powerful secret society; a great love story. These ingredients are mixed with deep thoughts about life and the current situation of life on Earth, about the path mankind is walking on, raising the question whether this current human civilization is actually the first one. Is it the last one? Is humanity being led and misled by an occult group of people the genetic roots of which lead deep down into the unknown history of mankind? And so you reach the end of this first volume and hope that the second one is already on the way.” (Marcello)

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