There Are Pyramids On Crimea And They Are Claimed To Be 65,000,000 Years Old

37 pyramids exist on the Crimean peninsola, according to European Pyramids website.


The site claims:

“Scientists to dig mysterious pyramids in Sebastopol. Tens of scientists from different countries explore a place in Sebastopol, where seven ancient pyramids are presumably hidden underground. Archeological dig is underway”

And continues as follows:

Sebastopol researcher Vitaly Gokh found the whereabouts of pyramids with the help of his unique patented invention, which lets to define any substances underground. For several years he has made a search of minerals and water. Detailed analysis of one of the found constructions showed not natural, but artificial character of its creation. “We found extremely strong formation, which includes animal protein, gypsum, liquid glass, gravel. It is a man-caused pyramid, which radiates specific energy in certain periods,”  Vitaly Gokh narrated. Ihor Kotelyanets, aid of the head of Sebastopol national university of nuclear energy and industry, together with enthusiasts decided to confirm or refute the discovery. More than 20 commissions, including international ones, have visited the place recently. The majority of scientists consider that underground pyramids of Sebastopol confirm the guess of American scientists about that 65 million years ago an ancient civilization died out because of fall of giant meteorite.” (


65 million years is an incredible time. Nothing similar to the species homo existed on the planet at that time, nor was it going to appear for many more millions of years, according to common knowledge. The affirmation, said without hesitation, seems outrageous.

The Pakistan Observer reported in September 2012:

“(The) Crimean pyramid has a truncated top, like a Mayan pyramid, but its appearance is more like an Egyptian. It is hollow inside, and a mummy of unknown creature is buried under the foundation. “Under the foundation is a small body in the form of a mummy long 1.3-1.4 meters with a crown on his head. (…) There is a resonance chamber of so-called Sphinx. The pyramids were built in the era of the dinosaurs,” says the scientist in an interview with ICTV.”

The original news seem to date from July 17th, 2006, while Beforeitsnews sustains that the discovery dates back to 2001. This seems also to have been the information of the user of the popular forum Above Topsecret, who quotes:

“In the summer 2001 the Crimean pyramids were investigated by scientists from different countries. All of them agree in opinion, that discovered constructions are quite real and unique. Underground pyramids were scanned by different the latest devices and as a result of the advanced search new objects were found. Thus, the Crimean pyramids count already 37 megalithic constructions. 28 of them make a huge rhombus (Sevastopol is the point in the sea to the west from Simeiz- Yalta – Konerchino village of Bakhchisaray Raion). In the middle of this rhombus in Krasniy Mak village the 29th, central 56-metre pyramid is located. More seven pyramids form a small internal additional rhombus around Yalta where in the centre the 37th pyramid is located. Members of research group made comparative analysis of the Crimean and three great Egyptian pyramids in Giza. It was found out, that ancient Egyptians and mysterious Crimean builders used practically the same materials.” (

While one wonders about what has happened to this discovery in the meantime, the story is coming up again, provoking conspiracy theorists who ask:

Is This The Cause of War? Oldest Pyramid On Earth Found Buried In Crimea, Ukraine!

If the claims are confirmed, history books will definitely have to be rewritten – even if the pyramids turn out to be much younger. There are then two possibilities: either mankind is much older than ever estimated, and highly developed cultures were born and fell several times throughout the history of the planet, maybe due to catastrophes, as many researchers who try to uncover the mysteries of the history of mankind, claim today. Or a technologically advanced species that originated from another planet, visited Earth in a distant past and left traces that we’re slowly uncovering.

The site Doubtful News asks ironically:

“(The pyramid was)… built in the era of the dinosaurs.” By whom? The dinosaurs? What utter ridiculousness. Is this Pakistan’s version of the Weekly World News?”

And adds:

“FYI: Dinosaurs died out 62 million years ago. Humans were not around.”

Sure, we know that. But those who argue in this way always commit the same error: they take the existing version of the history of mankind for granted – not only excluding contradictory discoveries in the future, but also consciously ignoring everything of such kind that has already been discovered. Already the discovery of Göbekli Tepe defies the scholar’s version of the history of mankind and  set the begining of human civilization back to 12,000 BC.   In spite of the protest of scholars, both theories, the extraterrestrial solution as well as the theory of the rise and fall of different mankinds, are being supported by many still unexplained facts and findings. When talking about a highly advanced civilzation the technology of which we can’t know, it is senseless to point to the fact that no Earth-like planet has yet been found and that there’s no technology that would make it possible to travel such enormous distances in space. We can’t even know the life span of those hypothetic unknown beings.

The Black Sea hides many mysteries linked to the unknown history of mankind and the quest for Civilization X. Some people even claim that it was the actual place of the mythical Atlantis.

However, until the current day, there’s no first-hand official statement about the discovery anywhere to be found.

Those interested in the subject might like this documentary about the Dark Secrets of the Black Sea. To be watched with critical thinking!

Sources:, ForUm,,, Pakistan Observer

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